12 Tips to Dress Up Your Office Wear

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Thank you for dropping by my little blog. I’ve decided to come up with a video and blogpost on the best tips to dress up your office wear. I’ve noticed that many of my Plusify Fashion customers often need help with putting together a killer office outfit so I thought why not do some research and lay out some useful tips to help fellow plus sizers look good and feel good strutting their rockin’ plus size office outfits at work! Let’s avoid some awful fashion disasters and bring out that Plusify power office woman in all of us!

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Here are 12 ways to avoid that office outfit fashion disaster :

1) Roll it up!

I’m pretty petite and my limbs lean towards the shorter side. I’ve learned along the way that long sleeves actually make my arms look shorter (and that’s a huge no-no!). So yes, it would be incredibly fashion forward to roll up those sleeves to achieve a more proportionate look. Truly, it’s all about playing with proportions =)

2) Tuck it in!

Want to look a little leaner? Want to accentuate that waist of yours? Yes, tucking in our tops really pulls that Plusify power office look together! Applicable to all sizes truthfully. So yes, don’t forget to roll your sleeves up and tuck your tops in. Trust me, it’s the small things that make a huge difference. Now on to tip 3.

3) Heels: Go Nude/Get Vibrant!

Heels were definitely made for walking, and walking tall! Ditch those plain boring black heels and opt for nude or vibrant coloured heels. Not only does it give you added height, it elongates your legs. Legs for days ladies, legs for days! One step forward to being that super chic #girlboss =)


4) Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

A handful of us have the impression that adding accessories makes our office look less formal. Rest assured ladies, the right accessories go a long, long way in changing a drabby and dull work outfit into an interesting and inspiring one! Don’t be afraid to clinch that waist with a belt. Let’s all learn to accentuate.

5) Never Shy Away from Patterns And Prints

Find patterns and prints overwhelming? It’s definitely a misconception that prints over or under-emphasis the best bits of our figure. I feel your pain ladies, I definitely do. Although, I’ve learned along the way (and with the help of the glorious internet), you can definitely wear prints by using some nifty “tricks to the eye”. It’s all about optical illusions. Tuck in your blouse and opt for the right accessories to pull your office look together.

6) Alterations can make an outfit!

Ever have the issue of ill-fitting outfits, our outfits that accommodate your bust but does absolutely nothing to accentuate your waist? Well, this is where we might have to call in the tailor calvary! Adjusting and snipping off sleeve, pants and skirt lengths can help you achieve a leaner look and makes you look taller and proportionate.

7) Learning to shift.

I love shift tops! I find it to be one of the most versatile fashion pieces to have in your wardrobe. You’d be surprised how even a basic casual shift can be made formal and interesting with the right accessories. One shift dress, many versatile looks.

8) Blazin’ up!

Blazers are incredibly handy in creating that powerful and sharp look especially when it comes to giving presentations or when you are headed for meetings. Wearing the wrong blazer could end up making you look frumpy and figureless (which again, is a huge fashion no-no). Try opting for a well tailored and smaller sized blazer. It’s alright if it can’t be buttoned up, it actually gives you a slimmer silhouette.

9) Maxi-fying your office look!

With using the right accessories, you can turn maxi dresses into a vibrant and fresh office look. Use matching statement necklaces, replace the maxi dress sash with a simple black belt, pop on a well tailored blazer and you are absolutely good to go!


10) Blazers : The Shorter The Better

A shorter blazer helps a lot if you are like me, a little vertically challenge. Choosing a smaller blazer gives the illusion of a smaller waist and balances out the length of a long dress, if you are in the mood for maxi dresses in specific. Try finding a blazer which is a little longer up front and shorter in the back, it makes a huge difference and helps elongate your legs. Again ladies, it’s all about playing with proportions =)

11) Pencil it in! 

This is an absolute fashion must. I can’t stress enough the importance of having pencil skirts as part of your work wardrobe. It is by far the most versatile piece of clothing I’ve ever owned and it can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything throughout the work week. One pencil skirt to rule them all?


12) You Only Live Once

Dare to be fashion forward. Life’s way to short to wear boring and frumpy clothes. In true project runway fashion, let’s make it work. Stay fabulous =) Walk with your head high, bust out and hips sexy!

If you are ever in doubt, don’t hesitate to contact me or drop by the Plusify Fashion private boutique in KL! We have changing rooms, a myriad of fun accessories and plus size outfits to get you all prepped up for not only work but also fun and play!


In a fashion nutshell:

Outfit #1

  • Use fun accessories to dress up any outfit
  • Spice up an all-black outfit with a vibrant statement necklace to add a pop of colour to your look
  • Pick a matching belt or clincher to accentuate your figure

Outfit #2

  • Pairing a printed top with a simple black pencil skirt helps strike a more balanced look
  • Get a leaner silhouette by tucking in your blouse
  • Find a printed blouse with a detailed neckline and vertical black middle accent (this helps elongate your torso)
  • Accessorise with your earrings of choice
  • Don’t forget to roll up those sleeves to make your arms look longer
  • Grab a small bunch of fabric from the back of your top, pin it and then tuck it in (so the pin is not visible) for a more tailored look

Outfit #3

  • Remove the existing maxi dress sash and replace it with a formal black belt
  • Add a chic well tailored blazer to pull the outfit together


Outfit #4

  • By choosing a smaller blazer, it gives the illusion of a smaller waist
  • Try finding a blazer with a longer front and short in the back, it definitely does wonders to elongate your legs
  • Find a blazer, a size or two smaller which can’t be buttoned, it would give an illusion of a small figure


Hope everyone finds these tips useful =) I made a fun YouTube video to make life a lil fun for everyone. Do have a look! Do share as well and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.


Till my next blogpost.

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