Life As A Malaysian Self-Employed Small Business Owner

Hi, I'm Cheryn Tan

A Malaysian Small Business Owner & Solopreneur and this blog are snippets of my business journey.

I currently own and run WebWeaver Learning Centre, where I teach and provide courses on all things photography, video editing, web and graphic design.

I hope my stories and snippets can help those who are thinking of starting their own small business kick start their dreams too.

Join me, it’s going to be a whirlwind of an adventure as I try out new things to bring myself to new heights!

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Cheryn Tan the author

The Journey of a Self-Employed Small Business Owner

How to become a self-employed small business owner, who can not only run a successful scalable business but also maintain a proper work life balance?
Many people think that they will have to give up freedom or control when scaling their small business, but that is simply not true, this book will show you how and why you can keep your business operations small but still scale your income potential.

Read this book to follow the journey of Starting, Running, & Growing your self-employed small business.

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What I Currently Do


A training company focusing on computer design skills such as Video Editing, Graphic Design & Web Design.

Focusing on the local Malaysian market.


I have always loved to write, teach and share. Being an author has allowed me to do just that. 

Check out my first book

Winning The Small Business Game.


Youtube is just another outlet that allows me to share my ideas and passion. 

Sharing on Youtube, I always look to inspire and motivate. 

Cheryn's Youtube Channel

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Here I share about my businesses, experiences and how I navigate through life. Learn more about running a small business in my video snippets. 

Training centre business

Being an experienced trainer that has worked with many big and small companies, as well as individual public classes, I have started this computer design training company since 2010.

WEBWEAVER LEARNING CENTRE provides computer & photography classes for adults WebWeaver Learning Centre (WWLC) is here to give you the skills of this computer era.

You do not need to worry about lack of skills to start a new career or business anymore. WWLC does not just teach, we empower you with knowledge by sharing with you the everything that we know.