Settling into being a Small Business Owner vs an Entrepreneur

Just a note: This is my personal opinion and decision, and in no means is it to say being a self employed person or a small business owner is a wrong decision. I am just happy I have found clarity & am planning to walk a new path.

As the founder of WebWeaver Learning Centre – I struggled with being a small business owner for the years

  • I was not expanding enough to be an entrepreneur – I am handling everything by myself
  • I was not free enough to be an entrepreneur – I need to be in my business for it to make money
  • I am not building a buy out business – The goal has always been to build a sustainable business.

So all this time, am I just a Solopreneur?  Maybe I am.
But maybe I am just a Small Business Owner.

Why is it important to me to be a small business owner vs a self employed person?
It was a mind shift. A change in mindset for me.

The fact that I want to stay as a 1 man show, I need to prioritise.

  • I can’t handle so many side businesses, I am not an entrepreneur
    I decided to give up Plusify Fashion & Catchy Concept and chose to concentrate on my most profitable businesses instead which is WebWeaver Learning Centre.
  • I need to create a passive income from my business, I can’t stay being just a self employed person
    How can I find ways to be a small business owner & solopreneur and still have passive income when I am not in my business? This is something I am excited to tackle now, it has always been the idea to employ more people that freaked me out. I am so lucky to be living in this day and age where technology and social media has given me so many options.
    I’ll update you guys soon when I finalize all my decisions.

I am at a much clearer place than I was years ago when I started my business journey.
These are a few channels which I think helped me alot, and hope it will help you if you are planning to start your own business.

The Futur Videos by Chris Do, a very sincere and straightforward trainer that has enriched my life so much.
This video was the reason I started watching his training videos and have not stopped since.

Marie Forleo is a wonderfully positive and energetic finance, business motivation coach.
Keeps me positive when I flounder, I love binge watching her videos, and this video is something I am watched lately

Optimal Business Daily is a great place to get a wider range of advices as this podcast is sourced from different business blogs.
So I don’t only get different points of views but it is curated to fit my reasons to listen to the podcast.

Winning The Small Business Game

WINNING THE SMALL BUSINESS GAME is the first book written and published by Cheryn Tan.


Read this book to follow the journey of Starting, Running, & Growing your self-employed small business.


Cheryn Tan

Hi everyone,
I’m Cheryn Tan and I’m a Malaysian Small Business Owner & Solopreneur and this blog are snippets of my business journey.

I currently own and run WebWeaver Learning Centre, where I teach and provide courses on all things photography, video editing, web and graphic design.

I hope my stories and snippets can help those who are thinking of starting their own small business kick start their dreams too.

Join me, it’s going to be a whirlwind of an adventure as I try out new things to bring myself to new heights!

Do contact me at
cheryntansy @ gmail . com


WebWeaver Learning Centre

WEBWEAVER LEARNING CENTRE provides computer & photography classes for adults WebWeaver Learning Centre (WWLC) is here to give you the skills of this computer era.

You do not need to worry about lack of skills to start a new career or business anymore. WWLC does not just teach, we empower you with knowledge by sharing with you the everything that we know.



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