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Shape-wear and lingerie, I think are one of the things plus size women find very hard to be comfortable in, and good ones are really hard to come by.
So I am so happy I found these awesomely comfortable shape-wear and lingerie from Queena.com.my
They contacted me to make a review and I was happy to oblige as their products are top notch quality! Super crazy about the bamboo & charcoal material items.

My favourite are the underwear, so comfortable and because of the thick band on the top, it doesn’t have problems such as showing through my bodycon dresses.

Though my giveaways are over, you can still get these quality underwear and shapewear from the Queena website.

If you want to try out any of the products here are the links

  1. Bamboo charcoal shaped wear (Camisole + Super Girdle, RM 150. It is RM 129 & RM 119 respectively if purchased separately).
    Product Link
  2. Bamboo charcoal briefs (Pack of 2 at RM 39.90).
    Product Link
  3. Dark Purple stretchable panties (Pack of 3 at RM 39).
    Product Link
  4. High Waisted Panties ((Pack of 2 at RM 40).
    Product Link
  5. Light Purple Massage Panties (Pack of 3 at RM 39).
    Product Link
  6. Legging Pants (RM59)
    Product Link
  7. Bamboo Charcoal Driving Gloves (Pack of 4 at RM 48).
    Product Link
  8. Bamboo charcoal socks, wide calf design (One pair for RM 12.90)
    Product Link

Have fun shopping! Let me know if you found something you liked!


  • cindyrina Reply

    Great Giveaway dear. Nice product too.

  • Lily Reply

    Hey! the prices are not badla!! might actually consider it! Thanks for sharing!

  • Amelie Yap Reply

    Bamboo material underwear?? Guess it really works to get rid all those ‘stinky scent’ hehe

  • Emily Reply

    I love bamboo / charcoal material as well and have a few pieces myself. I keep recommending to my friends!

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Wow… these look fabulous.. I did not know they had had plus sized undies too!!!

  • FiSh SzeHui Reply

    i love the bra and socks too! SUPER comfy and good quality material.

  • Apple Berry Reply

    Looks not bad to have this. Need to learn more so that I can present this undies to my mom and granny. xD thanks for sharing..

  • Shubhada Reply

    Plus size is no more minus! It is important that we are healthy and don’t feel ashamed of our bodies.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Heard quite few good review about Queena brand =D Looks super comfy and comfortable to wear. I love bamboo charcoal cloth material too =D

  • Shin May Reply

    heard about this bamboo charcoal bra before ..you look great in the video ^^

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Wow they have quite a good selection of products.

  • Pooja Kawatra Reply

    I have not heard about this brand but if quality is good then can defintiely try.

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Tried & tested their products few years back and I like their Bamboo underwear and socks.

  • Hui Ying Reply

    Nice products for plus size babe!!! Actually first time heard about bamboo charcoal shapewear!!

  • Qian Reply

    Yup, undergarments are always a problem for plus size women. Glad that there are businesses out there catering for our need now. 🙂

  • Leona Reply

    i have tried bamboo charcoal shapewear before too, they are quite comfy indeed

  • Reload Food Reply

    LOL, I feel shy when reading this post. haha

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    This is great, will share your post with my plus size friends 🙂

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    love how you are so confident in front of the camera.. in bamboo underwear no less. nice video cheryn!

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