Top 11 Asian Plus Size Fashion Bloggers & Youtubers

Plus Size Fashion, Reviews & Ads, The Curvy Life / Thursday, April 27th, 2017

Stop being envious of skinny models on magazines, and be inspired by these beautiful curvy ladies.

And know that everyone can look glamorous and fashionable, regardless of size.
It is my pleasure to bring you 8 places your can be inspired with Asian Plus Size Fashion. Plus size Youtubers, Bloggers & Influencers giving you insights and news about the latest trends and looks.

Cheryn Tan

Cheryn Tan - Malaysian Plus Size Fashion Blogger
First and foremost, of course myself.
Yes, Love me, everyone! (Hahaha)  I have started my own plus size brand which is fuelled by my love of dressing up and feeling confident regardless of my size & look forward to spread the body positivity across our conservative asian country. Be confident & be beautiful, cos you are! My blogs are pointed to help girls realise they can be confident and happy with their body type too.

I also have my own youtube channel if you want to check that out:

Makayla Corner

Makayla Corner - Asian Plus Size Youtube Fashion Blogger

Plus size youtuber from Hong Kong, her style is street casual, she shares in Cantonese but her Plus Size Fashion Lookbooks are professionally executed and easy to watch, even if you do not understand Cantonese, you can still enjoy her videos as her captions/subtitles are typed out in English.

Curvy Chic

Curvy Gril Chic - Allison Teng Asian Plus Size Blogger
Born and raised in California, US, Allison Teng still embodies the sweet Asian girl next door with her elegant and conservative style. Her outdoor shoots are so fun to look at and I love how she shares her life as a plus size girl from the opposite side of the planet.

Ryna Que

Singapore Plus Size Fashion Blogger
A plus size fashionista from our next door neighbour Singapore.
Nur Qamarina Ramli, also known as RynaQUE in the digital world, shares her experience as a plus size beauty and fashionista. Her style, photos and smile inspires me to dress up and hit the streets for some glam shots!

LaFarfa Magazine

La Farfa - Plus size fashion magazine in Japan. Marshmallow Girls
Though not technically a blogger, this magazine deserves a SHOUTOUT.
La Farfa is a fashion magazine in Japan dedicated specially to plus size fashion. Coining the now controversial and popular term for plus size women in Japan, Marshmallow Girl. I love the term, and if you browse through the pages of their magazine, you will see how that term suits these girls so well. Dressed in soft and fluffy clothes, these plus size models look so sweet and colourful.

Not to mention our own local Malaysian Curvy babes.

Jessy The KL Chic

Jessy the kl chic - plus size curvy fashion blogger
Though some might not call her plus size, I feel her style is really worth following. Her ever changing hair colour is an adventure by itself, and reading her blog allows me to experience the wonderful glamorous life of a fashion blogger. Always dressed up with trendy outfits, she is definitely a blogger to follow. She has also directed a few youtube comedy videos! Check it out at her blog.


Jess Lee - Curvy Fashionista with a bombshell personality
If I had a plus size sister, she would be my twin! I love her friendly, helpful personality! Her candid blogging style keeps me reading more. Be inspired with her classy fashion sense and how she keeps it glamorous at all her events.

That Fat Tudung Party Girl

That Fat Tudung Party Girl - Plus Size Malaysian
Just the name of her blog has me hooked. I love her conservative street style fashion, she blogs not only about fashion but also Malaysian culture in easy to read articles. Perfect inspiration for the more conservative plus size ladies who want to be able to look good and feel comfortable at the same time. Love her fashion sense!

Discovering Who I Am

Ratna - owner of Adevi Clothing
Ratna, a plus size woman in her thirties living in Malaysia. Owner of Adevi Clothing, Ratna has certainly made her mark in the plus size community. Met her in Fat Is Fab Bazaar and she has been my inspiration from the start.

The Buxom Babe

This beautiful Plus Size Malaysian may be new in the scene of plus size blogging but she is blazing the scene with her awesome fashion tips and savvy dressing. Liyana Elisabeth Shah aka Lily aka The Buxom Babe is definitely a blogger to follow if you want to be inspired to be bold & beautiful as a plus size girl.


Sydney aka Somethinkblack is a beautiful beauty blogger who embraces her plus size body with amazing outfits I wish I had in my closet too. Be inspired by her styles on her blog & instagram feed which always look so chic.




Thanks so much for reading & I hope this list will help you find your favourite plus size fashion blogger. Do let me know if I missed anyone & I will see if I can make this list longer!

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