SushiVid – CRUNCH Influencer Workshop

One thing great about being a blogger is the new things I get exposed to by attending events and launches, and one such “thing” that has definitely gotten my interest, is SusiVid

I heard of SushiVid a few months back when I started my youtubing “career”, if you can call it that. Hahah. But I was still a newbie and did not have enough subscribers yet, But I have always been curious, and wanted to get to know SushiVid more as a blogger as well as a youtuber. So when I got my very own invitation to the event, I was thrilled.

To introduce SushiVid, this company concentrates in helping social & media influencers (bloggers or youtubers) connect with brands, and have already 500 content creators. SushiVid is the middle person who helps brands scale and simplify the process of reaching out to influencers as well as launch and manage the campaign. This also in turns help the influencers be known to brands which they otherwise will not be able to reach.

SushiVid Crunch Influencer Workshop-the bee

The location of the event was at the posh restaurant in Publika, Mont Kiara, called The Bee

We got to hear from experts such as the founders of SushiVid, on how they can help us influencers, bloggers and youtubers, as well as how now available for Bloggers as well, it was previously only for Youtubers.
There was also a short sharing session from a representative from Lazada on affliates avaiable for influencers.
And a few success stories straight from famous Malaysian Youtubers, Vikarworld, Adam Shamil & Taneshh Vlogs. Always motivating to get to know we can succeed one day!

SushiVid Crunch Influencer Workshop-Lazada

SushiVid Crunch Influencer Workshop-Youtubers

And of course the best thing in the whole event is the other bloggers I get to catch up with when I am there. Always so friendly and helpful. I love these ladies, and finding time to laugh with people of same passion is always a nice thing among the busy

SushiVid Crunch Influencer Workshop - Sponsors & Bloggers

And look at all those stuff for the lucky draw, unfortunately my luck failed me again, as I did not win a single thing.

But at least I got to put my finger prints all over it!
And made it lucky for the winners! Hahahaha.

Anyone of you have any experience with SushiVid? Do share it with me and I would love to get ideas on your experience with them or how my youtube channel can best benefit from this platform!

Well, if you are interested to be part of SushiVid, do check out the website:
I will most definitely be joining, and hope it will help me kick off my youtube channel to new heights!


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