Settling into being a Solopreneur vs Entrepreneur

The Curvy Life / Wednesday, August 22nd, 2018

Just a note: This is my personal opinion and decision, and in no means is it to say being a self employed person or an entrepreneur is a wrong decision. I am just happy I have found clarity & am planning to walk a new path.

As the founder of WebWeaver Learning Centre, Plusify Fashion & Catchy Concept – I struggled with being an entrepreneur for the years I was in my business

  • I was not expanding enough to be an entrepreneur – I am handling everything by myself
  • I was not free enough to be an entrepreneur – I need to be in my business for it to make money
  • I am not building a buy out business – The goal has always been to build a sustainable business.

So all this time, am I just a self employed person. *frown slightly*  Maybe I am.

Why is it important to me to be an entrepreneur vs a self employed person?
Mostly due to the bad rap that all the self help, finance & business books are putting on the self employed, how we are basically slaves to our business. I felt guilty, I felt like I wasn’t successful.

Until I heard the term Solopreneur, this is not only a change of terms for me, not just a more glamorous way to call myself.

It was a mind shift. A change in mindset for me.

The fact that I want to stay as a 1 man show, I need to prioritise.

  • I can’t handle so many side businesses, I am not an entrepreneur
    I decided to give up youtubing, blogging, Plusify Fashion & chose to concentrate on 2 of my most profitable businesses instead which is Catchy Concept & WebWeaver Learning Centre.
  • I need to create a passive income from my business, I can’t stay being just a self employed person
    How can I find ways to be a solopreneur and still have passive income when I am not in my business? This is something I am excited to tackle now, it has always been the idea to employ more people that freaked me out. I am so lucky to be living in this day and age where technology and social media has given me so many options.
    I’ll update you guys soon when I finalize all my decisions.

I am at a much clearer place than I was years ago when I started my business journey.
These are a few channels which I think helped me alot, and hope it will help you if you are planning to start your own business.


The Futur Videos by Chris Do, a very sincere and straightforward trainer that has enriched my life so much.
This video was the reason I started watching his training videos and have not stopped since.

Marie Forleo is a wonderfully positive and energetic finance, business motivation coach.
Keeps me positive when I flounder, I love binge watching her videos, and this video is something I am watched lately

Optimal Business Daily is a great place to get a wider range of advices as this podcast is sourced from different business blogs.
So I don’t only get different points of views but it is curated to fit my reasons to listen to the podcast.

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