How to Save Money Shopping Online – Cashback with Shopback

Why do you think I am an online shopaholic? Hahah cos I know I can get so much better deals online.
And now I am going to share with you a few money saving tips when shopping online.

1. Look for things on promotion/house brands.

For example, when shopping in Zalora, Zalora brand items are usually cheaper and have more discount.
When I shop in Asos, I look for Asos brand items as well, unless I am specifically looking for a certain piece from a specific brand.
And there is always discounted items. They are still beautiful and nice! So choose “Sale” button or “Clearance” button if you see it.

Look at my latest haul from clearance items.. These items were cut down 40-70% from the normal price and still looks so stylish!! Now you know why I have so many clothes. Hahah.

2. Use your credit card instead of Paypal or Bank transfer.

Please do keep in mind that security comes first (make sure it is a secure site & network!)
No public wifi when shopping online.
But credit cards often give points or cashback…. those add up! You could even change points for cash vouchers, and do more shopping!!
I have changed over RM200 in Jusco cash vouchers from credit card points once.
Grocery was free for 2 months!

3. Use cashback sites – Like Shopback!

ShopBack provides cashback for online shopping
This I will go into detail cos I know many of you have not heard of cashback sites, like Shopback
I personally like to use Shopback cos it is so easy!! The interface is super user friendly.

So all you have to do is go to Shopback website – and register an account.
Shopping online with Shopback-Zalora

There are so many brands to choose from!!! You can find so many of online shops to choose from such as FoodPanda, GroupOn, Zalora and Lazada!
I have not shopped from Dorothy Perkins before, but I might try it out soon cos I love their dresses but couldn’t afford them with my shopping budget. Maybe when I save enough cashback money! haha.
Shopping online with Shopback-Zalora

Once you choose the shop you can see what offers and cashbacks they offer for the website you have chosen.
Shopping online with Shopback-Zalora
They will write the terms and conditions, so you can be certain of your offers and cashbacks. Also, do remember!!! That you HAVEE to shop throught the shopback website by clicking the “SHOP NOW” button cos I lost around RM10 cashback once by forgetting to shop through the website… SADDD…

Shopping online with Shopback-Zalora
You will get another reminder on your cashback conditions. I do appreciate this as sometimes I forget that there might be a minimum order or if I need to use a certain credit card to pay.
And off you are to the website to shop!!!
Shopping online with Shopback-Zalora

Now Shopback even has a promo on RM60 cashback on Agoda bookings!!

Get the latest Zalora coupons and promo codes HERE & find ASOS discount codes HERE.

And that is it.

This is how I do my online shopping!
If you want to see my camera equipment I buy from Lazada (with Shopback) for my Youtube videos, do let me know and I will make a review video!

You can watch this video if you need more info on Shopback


  • Baz Reply

    Yes!! I’m always looking at shopback for cashback too! Just received my first payout last week!

  • Rawlins GLAM Reply

    Yeay! Now can save more so that we can buy more stuff after that. Thanks for sharing.

  • Puisan Reply

    This website is so useful! Would like to try it out when I do some online shopping! Heard that it have cashback for taobao purchase tooxD

  • ling Reply

    Yesss.. I’ve been using cashback on my online purchases! Earning extra, why not right? 😀

  • mieranadhirah Reply

    Shopback is pretty awesome right.. you get money back everytime you buy something… huhuh

  • Qian Reply

    Love cash back. who ever thought we can get some money back while spending money?

  • Shin May Reply

    I’m frequent buyer of Zalora ~ I think i need learn about this ~hehe

  • Lily Reply

    Speaking about Asos babe.. hows ur experience shopping there? senang x?

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Quite easy… just the price tag abit heart wrenching.. hahaha

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Seem a great deal. Thanks for sharing. =)

  • Carol Lam Reply

    yeah I used this too super save $$

  • Jane Reply

    I purchase through Shopback and I really got my return. Great platform for us to save more.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Thanks for the write up =D Although I know about it but haven’t start using it yet TT But this was a really cool cashback site for shopping online!

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Yah! I like it too, the more we shop the more we can save.

  • Shub Reply

    ShopBack is indeed such a useful website. Deals and on top of it cashback!

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Didn’t know about this website until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing 🙂

  • Sin Yee Reply

    Yeah~~~ I love Shopback a lot! Get my cashback especially when booking hotel.. =D

  • Hui Ying Fong Reply

    saw so many great review about Shopback!!! I aldy start to use it!!!

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    using credit card is awesome, in terms of points collection. but my paypal is tied to my credit card too, so using that platform will earn me points as well. 😀

  • Betty Liew Reply

    I am shopback user and I happy with it . Whenever I shop , I get cashback from Shopback. I love it so much

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