Ruby’s Resort – Anniversary Trip

Ride to Ruby's Resort
We decided to go for a family trip (Me, Hubby & Baby Coffee) last week, in celebration of our Anniversary & Birthdays which happens to be only 1 day apart from each other, to Ruby’s Resort in Cherating! To be able to celebrate together, since it is one of the resorts that allows pets.

Since it was our first trip together with Coffee, I packed a the car full with Coffee’s stuff! No photo of that though.. forgot!

Lucky for me Coffee is such a dear in the car, she knew something exciting was up! But was calm the whole 4 hour drive to Cherating.

We did make a few extra pit stops for her to stretch her legs and run around, lucky it was a weekday so the rest stops did not have many people and Coffee was able to run around freely! WEEEeee
Rest stop for Coffee on the way to Cherating

Finally reached, the place was HUGE! So much running space for Coffee & so many other cats and dogs! Coffee even started to bark.. Such bravery for such a tiny body. Though I didn’t like the fact she was learning to bark.

Ruby's Resort - Bamboo Room

We booked the Bamboo room, one of the cheaper rooms in the whole resort. I was also warned beforehand not to expect much luxury so I was not surprised by the bareness of the room. At least the room has air conditioning & water heater, which was enough for me!
Basic Necessities

So since it was our anniversary, I dressed up to head out for a special dinner!
In my Chanel Inspired Print Maxi dress. perfect for a beach outing.
Plus size beach maxi dress

Cherating is a Malay town, so we settled for a Malay Seafood Restaurant but had to leave poor Coffee in the car, should have just ate at Ruby’s. MUCH NICER!!! (We did that on the 2nd day) Slightly pricey, but considering she has 39 cats & 17 dogs to feed, I felt good I was contributing to helping her.

2015-08-14 09.15.11

Ruby found out my favourite dish was Nasi Minyak, and went out to get it for our breakfast! Usually she would serve sandwiches but she knew it was our anniversary. It pays to be friendly with the hostess. 🙂

Coffee enjoyed herself too! She is terrified of the water, but loved running around and barking at the chicken and ducks.

Look at Coffee’s Dinner!! Fish & Chips!

2015-08-14 18.38.52
Just kidding, that is mine, Coffee had to settle for kibbles.

2015-08-13 20.36.12
Coffee getting all wrapped up in case she gets too cold in the air-con room. We don’t usually turn on the aircon at home, so not sure how she will feel with the aircon on the whole night.

2015-08-14 18.08.27
Happy Happy family photo. Love you babes, Happy Anniversary!

All in all, Ruby’s Resort is not perfect, but it was definitely a wonderful place for a simple fun holiday with your pet. I would definitely be making more trips there and hopefully train the fear of waves out of Coffee.

Look out for my upcoming post
where I write about my Bikini Experience!


  • Miriam Reply

    Happy anniversary to you! It’s nice how you can bring Coffee along on your trip!

  • salmaothman Reply

    it was great u could spend a holiday with your pet.Coffee is adorable.

  • Shin May Reply

    happy annisversary to you ^^ your dog is so cute !!

  • Hui Ying Fong Reply

    your outfit very nice le!!!you look pretty and awesome!!

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Ruby’s Resort is awesome… you can even bring your pet along.. how cool is that.. looks like Coffee definitely had a great break.. LOL

  • fatin bella Reply

    Thanks for sharing. Happy anny to you ! 😀

  • Apple Berry Reply

    Feel so sweet and lovely when you having holiday with your love ones. And your Coffee is cute and you look fabulous after you dressed up for your special dinner date. <3

  • Syafiera Yamin Reply

    omg, your baju so prettyyyyyy no wonder tj so in love with you !!

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    OMG Super sweet anniversary trip babe! Happy Anniversary and Coffee was a really cute dog hehe!

  • Kakalina Reply

    So sweet! Happy anniversary!
    I believe it is one of your memorable trips <3

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Didn’t know about this place until I read your post, thanks for the info sharing 🙂

  • cindyrina Reply

    Nice resort! I love the ambiance that make you feel so relax and totally peace of mind.

  • Shubhada Reply

    Your coffee is so cute. Nice that this place is pet-friendly.

  • Qian Reply

    Shared this with my friend. She was looking for resort which is pet-friendly. Happy anniversary to you and hubs! Both of you look lovely!

  • Leona Reply

    you have such a cutie dog and some more the name is coffee? so awesome, heard of this resort and seen it even on TV, I used to love bringing my pet for holiday too so this kind of places rock

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    you almost got me there, the fish and chips.. i was thinking, OMG they really have improved dog noms

  • Alyza Fisol Reply

    Wahh..such a nice place can bring pet along..then i can bring my cats here to have vacation…hehehe

  • Betty Reply

    So sweet both of you . Happy Anniversary to both you . Nice place for celebrating anniversary together.

  • Mums&Babies Reply

    Looks so adorable and it is indeed a great time for pets to enjoy too.

  • Stefanie and Adam Reply

    You two are such an absolutely adorable couple! Happy Anniversary

  • FiSh SzeHui Reply

    Happy anniversary to the both of you!! 😀 stay sweet always, and go more vacations together hahah

  • Sin Yee Reply

    Cute puppy you have! What a nice retreat! Thanks for sharing

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