Rina Salleh – Beat of La Donna Raya Collection

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses
Recently I had the chance to attend a Muslimah Runway show early in May by Rina Salleh, ‘Beat of La Donna’ Raya Collection 2016 held at White Box, Publika.
This is an exciting event for me as I am always looking forward to attend runway shows that will allow me to learn more about the latest fashions.

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses

Their dresses are designed with a feminine, elegant look in mind. I love all the geomatric shapes that gives depth to the soft the pastel colours of her dresses.

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses
She is such a down to earth and approachable person. I love my short chat with her and her friendliness really showed in our brief conversation, even though I am still a small blogger, she spent time explaining everything to me and also answered all my questions.

This local Malaysian designer is really a strong woman with a beautiful family who supports her, including a charming husband and a completely children clapping for her as she makes her way down the runway. I love a woman who manages to juggle a wonderful family and still make her way in the cut throat world of fashion.

So far this is my favourite design from the runway.
I love everything about it.
The design, the colours are so pretty!! I was so tempted to buy this for myself, but I could never wear long sleeve dresses… too hot in Malaysia.
But maybe if I shorten the sleeves…
Largest size is XL, I probably can fit into that since dresses are designed to be loose fitting.

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses

For those plus size girls who are interested in Rina Salleh, unfortunately they only have sizes up to XL currently (though everything is loose fitting).
But she says they will be looking into making bigger sizes in the future.
So I hope all the plus size ladies out there will be able to try out their clothes one day

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses
Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 – Muslimah Dresses

Check them out at
Rina Salleh Clothing
Website: www.rinasalleh.com
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/rinasallehclothing/
Available Outlets:
Seksyen 7, Shah Alam
Bandar Baru Uda, Johor Bahru
Bangi Sentral, Babdar Baru Bangi
Gio Mall Kuantan, Pahang

Love the gifts they gave away during the runway as well, the scarf is so soft! I am looking forward for a time to wear it… any suggestions on how I should wear the scarf? Not very experienced with that.

Rina Salleh Raya Runway 2016 - Muslimah Dresses


  • Apple Berry Reply

    This collection do look elegant and such feminine to have one. Will check out their website as I will be having date with my Muslim friends. Having a decent outfit is a must right? ^.^

  • Qian Reply

    She looks so beautiful! another inspiring lady to look up to.

  • Mable Seah Reply

    Rina Salleh looks sweet, glad to see another woman entreprenuer in M’sia.

  • Puisan Reply

    Awww! I have missed this event :/ but anyway! Their raya collection is simple and nice! Good to hear that they are going to come out with idea to design for plus size ladies 🙂

  • Angela Chan Reply

    Looks like a Jubah to me but very colorful and elegance. I like the new generation trendy design!

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    I really am in love with those outfits.. they look so pretty… Am hoping they have plus size for people like us.. huhu

  • Jane Reply

    The colours look sweet and the design looks simple. Great to wear it during Raya.

  • Rawlins GLAM Reply

    The prints are lovely and I love the fabric – looks so feminine.
    You could use the scarf – tie it with the handle of your tote bag.
    Just an idea.

  • Mistan Izzy Reply

    Wow… it looks very trendy in a way they wore it! These are gonna be great pieces for coming RAYA 🙂

  • Baz Reply

    You’re right! I love all the geomatrical designs too! It really blends well on all the dress!

  • Claudine Reply

    Such a pretty collection. I would wear this for Raya when I visit my Muslim Family and friends!

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    she does look very down to earth.. love folks like these.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Love the print and design on their collection! Looks so classy and elegant ya =D

  • Shin May Reply

    Rina looks very young and the raya collection designed by her looks quite stylish !

  • Shubhada Reply

    I liked the styles…The designs are very beautiful…

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    I like the collection, just perfect for the coming Hari Raya 🙂

  • Arisa Chow Reply

    love how the mix the colors to create such an eye catching contrast!

  • Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    Lovely collection! Just in time for Raya too! The fabric and color prints look lovely!

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