Revolution Of The Curvy

Just wanted to make a note of a few momentous leaps plus size fashion has made in the world. Let me take you through 3, I feel, most exciting things that have happened in the plus size industry recently.

1. Full Figure Fashion Week

They started a few years ago in New York and have now spread to Los Angeles & Canada. I am only waiting for it to come to Asia now, cos you know, we have big women here too.

A Fashion week dedicated to plus size fashion would reach out to more people and make plus size fashion more inspiring to the world. I am so happy to see that plus size models and brands are given the same opportunity as the brands like Donna Karan, Vivienne Tam and Anna Sui to walk down a glamorous runway show.

Photo by MARIE DENEE  - from Photo by Alec J. Turner - from Photos by Farrah Estrella -from
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Photo by Alec J. Turner
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Photos by Farrah Estrella

2. Curvy Barbie Dolls

Contrary to many popular beliefs, Barbie has actually been experimenting with many body types before (especially their controversial pregnant Barbie), however they never gone all out to promote & introduce a curvy body type before.

Love that society has forced Mattel to make this revolutionary breakthrough decision of letting children choose a body type they can relate and feel beautiful to. Good riddance to that ridiculous body shape that even sexy celebrities have turn to surgery or shape wear to attain. Though it is still far from being a realistic plus size body shape, it is still a huge improvement in the mentality of a company which has been stubbornly promoting only 1 type of beauty.

Hooray for improvement in mindset & acceptance of individuality!

barbie-curvy size

3. Plus Size Designer Wins Project Runway

I am happy that a Plus Size designer has won a show watched all around the world, but I think I am abit disappointed she didn’t start the show designing for a plus size model and that she should have had a plus size model from the start.

After knowing she won, I rushed to watch all the episode and kept waiting for them to give her a body that she was used to sew for, a plus size.

Though I am very happy that they ended the finale by giving her a chance to design for plus size models.

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  • Puisan Reply

    Support the idea that children should be given choices to choose the sizes of barbies rather than the usual one! It was like finally, after so many years! lol><

  • Amelie Yap Reply

    woooh! it’s my first time getting know with the curvy barbie dolls!

  • Qian Reply

    Glad to see the revolutionary change! Who said every women must be slim in order to be pretty? Not any more! A confident woman is a pretty woman!

  • Reload Food Reply

    Wow, first time see guai lou fashion show on curvy size one. They have their own beauty.

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Seriously? Curly barbie dolls? Did they selling in Malaysia too?

  • Shub Reply

    I never liked Barbie dolls. They looked too fake and skinny for me. Good that now they will be available in plus sizes.

  • Jane Reply

    It is interesting to find out more and more designers created clothings for plus size. Good news to me. Ha ha ha…

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Curvy is never a challenge for fashion. But it was a great platform to let curvy people to challenge who they are and what they want it their life =D

  • Betty Reply

    Congrats to the plus size designer as she did a good job. Her design look nice.

  • Shin May Reply

    The plussize designer deserve the prize ~ Hope to see plussize barbie doll come to Malaysia!

  • Janice Yeap Reply

    First time seeing plus size fashion show.. good job! I love this! 😀

  • Hui Ying Reply

    Wow!!! The designer did a good jobs!!!

  • Pooja Kawatra Reply

    Lovely design and great print for plus size. It looks great and so comfy.

  • Fadzi Razak Reply

    I always believe women with different kind of curves have their own beauty. no matter you are thin, chubby, fat, oversize, women are all pretty right?

  • Rane Chin Reply

    You have good taste in fashion. keep it up!

  • Apple Berry Reply

    I do believe every woman is beautiful no matter how do you look like as we all born with different curves and colors. It will be awesome for me if I have a chance to attend a plus size fashion show as I believe it will be great. ^.^

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Curvy is sexy and gorgeous. I like women with shapes.

  • Leona Reply

    the plus size models all look beautiful and really i hope to see different sizes barbie dolls sold in Malaysia too

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Plus size or not, everyone is winner if you keep a positive attitude 🙂

  • Absolute Yana Reply

    Gorgeous beauties!! and yes I did follow you..hahahhha I knew I knew you from somewhere..hahhahah…You look really vibrant in real life…and also thank you for being friendly..hhehhee..

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