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The Curvy Life / Monday, October 6th, 2014

Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura
I had the most awesome weekend!
Wanting to look the best for my spanking new blog & also for a photoshoot (that I had lined up for the whole weekend), I decided I need a set of good makeup! So here I am, sharing my experience with them.

All the cheap brand-less makeup stuff will have to go!

So, dragging my husband to Midvalley I went straight to Shu Uemura, seeing as they had some good reviews I read online.

Dannist, an awesome helper at Shu Uemura came over to help me out. I flatly told him, I do not put on makeup except for a lipgloss occationally & all I do was wash my face with a cleanser everyday.
Oh, the look of horror on his face was priceless. Hahaha.

You have to put on sunblock!” he insisted

Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura

Dannist then patiently sat me down and showed me all the processes of makeup & skin care. How each item would help me, which items I will definitely need & which was optional.
I love that he was not pushy at all, and didn’t make me feel like he was there to just sell. Instead he was genuinely there to help me make the best decision.

Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura - Makeup
He laid out the items & helped me do my makeup while educating me of the best way to care for my skin & my makeup applications.
Even my husband was interested and listened to him teach me & asked more questions than I did! Haha.

After a solid 1 hour of pampering, I decided to start with the essentials & come back for more if needed. I innitially planned to buy different products from different brands, but Dannist was so nice & helpful, also I love the feel of their product so much, that I just made all my purchases from them.

My haul of make up for the day
Visit to Midvalley Shu Uemura - haul
I absolutely LOVE the makeup remover (cleansing oil) which is also a facial milk cleanser! So I do not have to cleanse my face again after removing my make up, which always caused my skin to dry up terribly.
So easy to use & super effective! My face even feels smoother after using it. Highly recommend this product.

End result & I am now ready for my indoor studio photoshoot!
makeup with shu uemura
They even gave me a bag of sample goodies!
I guess it’s cause I mentioned I did not have much of a facial caring routine, so I was presented with a free sample toner, lotion, serum, day cream & night cream.

Shu Uemura sample goodies
Happy ~ Happy!
I woke up next day to receive an SMS from Shu Uemura that I have a RM100 cash voucher! Comes with the enormous purchase I made. So I am hopping over to Midvalley again to get a few things I thought I would forgo to test out the essentials first.

That is my personal (unbiased) experience of Shu Uemura purchase & use for 3 days. Overall, it has been a positive experience.
I will post an update more detailed product review at a later date, after a longer testing period.

Only problem I have now is that I have so many bottles in my cupboard that it is starting to look so messy! I had to clear out my shelf and arrange everything in Ferrero Roche boxes. Looks much neater after I did that.

Only feedback I can give to Shu Uemura is that after the purchase, I got a little confused with the directions for each item. It is not labeled in normal names such as toner, night cream, day cream… instead everything was labeled with fancy names, and all sounded the same to me..
Hahaha. Newbie, like that la..
The sample goodies did not come with application instructions either, so I had to consult the experts on youtube to make sure I was using the creams properly.

Lastly, just to show off a selfie. I manage to re-create the same look by myself the next day!
Took me longer than I expected, but loving the look!

selfie - makeup shu uemura
Thanks for reading!

PS: This is NOT an advertised post. I am not being paid or sponsored by Shu Uemura in any way.

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