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Plus Size Fashion, Reviews & Ads, The Curvy Life / Monday, July 20th, 2015

Atria has just reopened after a long time being closed for renovation and I decided to drop by, just to take a look.

Atria - Re-Opening

So after eating at my cousin’s chap fan(mix rice) shop, just opposite the mall (Zhap Fun Zhai for those who are curious) and I walked over to find that the Atria mall is now all glam-ed up.
Absolutely has the “atas” look now, compared to the previous state it was in before the renovation.
But many shops were still unoccupied, so it was just mostly admiring of the new walls and floors for me, plus it being a weekday added to the emptiness of the place.

But after walking around for abit I manage to find this gem. Violeta by Mango! A plus size clothing store by Mango and everything was 50% off!! Well almost everything. Some of the new arrivals were still at the normal prices.

Violeta - Mango Plus Size

I just love the casual tops!
I have always had a secret love for Mango clothing but could never really afford to be so extravagant with clothes, and they barely ever have things in my size anyways.

Violeta MNG Plus Size shop

I am really happy to see that they do now and at 50% off *drool*
in Atria
If I am not actually heading to Bangkok on the very next day I might have gone a little crazy with shopping. I need more tops. I can never have enough tops. Or pants. Or dresses.
Never enough. *grin evilly*

I am not sure when their sales will end. So plus size fashionistas out there you better rush fast!
I hope it’s still available after my trip back from Bangkok. Also provided that I have not finish spending all my savings.

Sexy Back Violeta by Mango (Plus Size)
I love this little black dress on the label but couldn’t find it in the shop.
I wonder if my ass will look that good too.
Found something similar though.
Little Black Dress (Plus Size by Violetta)

My hubby joined me at the mall so I ended up parting ways with Violeta and Atria with nothing to show but photos. I did however manage to shop for my little pet bunny. A cage for my pet rabbit, Bean*, that we got from the pet shop. Also on sale!
She is not happy with it but it looks so much neater than her previous cage, which she insists on messing up as well, but at least her hay doesn’t flow onto the floor outside her cage now.

*Explanation: My dog-ter’s name is Coffee, thus the name Bean for my bunny. And I have my very own.. Coffee Bean!

Violeta is located at
Atria Shopping Mall: Lot G 06-07, Ground Floor
Midvalley MegaMall: Lot G 53, 56, 57 & 58,Ground Floor
Sunway Pyramid Shopping Centre: Lot G1.131, Ground Floor

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