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The Curvy Life / Monday, September 1st, 2014

Ms Read Top & Skirt at 60% Discount

I have always went into the Ms Read boutique and proceeded to walk out without trying anything on because the price is just way over my budget.
Then just last weekend, I received an SMS (I usually delete without reading, those promotional spam the credit card companies send).
85% discount on Ms Read’s yearly clearance! And I had only one day left!

Luckily I was able to go as it was a free weekend! So I dropped by, making a mental note to only buy essentials.
Hahaha, that was a big mistake. When I start shopping, everything is essentials!!
Below is a top I bought from Ms Read that I absolutely love, I paired it with a pair of tights I have gotten from my own boutique Catchy Concept

Ms Read Top at 60% Discount

I spent half the day there putting on blouse after blouse, skirts after skirts. The promoters there were so very helpful and patient.
In the end, as I looked at my “Yes” piles and “Maybe” piles, which started to resemble my 2 week’s laundry at home (which is approximately a small mountain), I decided I had to stop.

I won’t be showing you all the items I have bought, but just a few of my favourites. Most of them I manage to get at 60% off the normal price.
Some of the items are still on their website in the Sales section! They do have quite a few selection on their website, and I am so tempted to order some of the clothes I said no to earlier.
You can check it out at

Ms Read Top & Skirt at 60% Discount
Above is a top & skirt I got from Ms Read. I am so happy of the fit & how it looks on me. I do have to wear heels for a skirt of this length, though it is worth it.

PS: This is NOT an advertised post. I am not being paid or sponsored by Ms Read in any way.

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