Rainbow Celebration


I just celebrated my second year anniversary & this brings back such happy memories of my wedding day that I went back onto my computer to look at all the photos of the day.

I am so happy that I did not just choose one color as my wedding theme. Just one color will be too limiting & boring for me. Plus I like bright colors so much, I decided why not all the colours of the rainbow?

I still remember my ears ringing as my bridesmaids all nagged me for giving them the wrong colors. But all of them came through, and I just think they really looked like a fresh bed of flowers, no?


I actually thought of increasing my number for bridesmaids just so I could have even more colours! But my husband-to-be was getting nervous of the army I would be sending his way, so I curbed my excitement.

Ah, fun memories….
If I could do it again… I’ll have more colours! Definitely.


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  • Jan Reply

    Sooooo niceeee! Post my pics!

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