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Plus Size Fashion, Reviews & Ads, The Curvy Life / Thursday, October 29th, 2015

The launching of Plusify Fashion Boutique, 25th October 2014, was definitely a happy and exciting day for me, and the adventure is still going on a very exhilarating journey.

First Year Anniversary Celebration - 25th Oct 2015
First Year Anniversary Celebration – 25th Oct 2015

I did expect many people to ask me why I would choose to do that, but instead I was met with many happy and excited comments of saying, they are always looking for a good plus size boutique cos there are so little options.
And that Plusify Fashion is providing options to the growing plus size market in Malaysia.

So let me share with you a story of Plusify Fashion Boutique coming out to redefine Malaysian Plus Size Fashion.

Plus size flare dress - butterfly print

Is Plus Size Fashion always a few seasons behind in trend?

As someone who visits places with the latest fashion to source for trendy and fashionable clothes for Plusify Fashion, my answer is YES – and sometimes it is a few seasons slower!

Every one of us has gone shopping only to be disappointed by the appalling and outdated outfits available to us. We are so used to this situation that some have come to believe that plus size fashion is just hideous and horrendous, and plain black is the only option we have to stay in style.

Plus size sheath or bodycon dress - peplum panel

That is the general state of plus size fashion in Malaysia right now – horribly blur prints, garish cutouts, cheap elastic bands and generally black outfits with ugly ribbons in weird places. You know what I mean…

The plus size industry is so overlooked that designers do not know how to design for plus size women! That leads to bad sales, which leads to worse and cheaper designs. It is a vicious cycle!

Plus size fashion shoot at Taiwan

As the CEO of Plusify Fashion and a partner in I Can’t Sew (Currently Catchy Concept) – an average/smaller sized clothing brands, I find it quite frustrating when I see a piece I know is absolutely beautiful, but only comes in S and M sizes.

Though it is hard to blame suppliers as they are driven by market demand, and there are more skinny Asians right now, it is still quite sad to see a fashion trend come and go before it becomes available in larger sizes.

Why can’t plus size fashion be trend setters instead? There is a reason why we are referred to as REAL WOMEN after all.
That is why I have set Plusify Fashion’s goal to bringing affordable, trendy and good quality plus size clothing. So every plus size girl can be the leader of fashion in her group, and not just the follower.

Curvy lady in red - top and flare dress

Now, I will travel to the fashion cities of Asia in search of the best plus size fashion and bring it back home to Plusify Fashion, so that all Malaysian plus size ladies can share my love for fashion, spot-on styles and fashion forward trends.

By inspiring and making fashion available to Malaysian plus size women, Plusify Fashion will be able to build a community that is strong enough to drive trends of our own and no longer be victim to outdated trends.

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