Plus Size Photoshoot – Pavillion KL

Ever wonder where to have some awesome stylish photos taken in the heart of KL?
Well, I happen to know a few and one of it happens to the outer walls of Pavilion Mall, Kuala Lumpur.

I brought my clothes from Ms Read and visited Pavilion for a photoshoot with my hubby for my Ms Read review blogpost.

The exterior of the Pavilion building you can see the entrance to they stylishly decorated shop fronts of branded names such as Fendi, Chanel & Prada, among other well known names.

So you can pose beside the textured walls of expensive marble & copper grills.

Plus size photoshoot at Pavilion KL

Plus size photoshoot at Pavilion KL

Plus size photoshoot at Pavilion KL

I have also used some of the other images in my other post About Cheryn Tan Blogpost.
Plus size photoshoot at Pavilion KL

We are staying in a beautiful country that is covered in the western development and latest technology of the world, but we also have so many beautiful heritage sites and places scattered all over KL and the outskirts.

Do keep you eyes out for other places in KL that you think would be an awesome place to have a fashion photoshoot, and let me know in the comments below ya!

Coming up next would be a post on my photoshoot in Kuala Lumpur’s abandoned heritage building beside Bukit Nanas.


  • Syafiera Yamin Reply

    Wow u are so cute in those outfits. I would like to grab few more dresses from totally in love with those because it shows my curvy but not too overexposed

  • Aliza Sara Reply

    Lovely spots to take OOTD shots! I love your OOTD’s babe. I do hope that i get to see you in person one day. Would love to meet you 😀

  • Miriam Reply

    I’ve always seen many people posing and taking photos outside of pavillion kl! The architecture designs there are definitely photo-worthy. p/s: loving each of your OOTDs!

  • Adeline Reply

    Nice OOTD! I love to take photos outside Pavillion too! 😛

  • FiSh Reply

    love the last shot that gives a sense of elegance from the outfit 😀 if you didnt mention it is pavilion, i wouldnt have known too!

  • Betty liew Reply

    You know your body shape well and you choose the correct clothes that suit your body. Love to see it.

  • Nuraini Za’abar Reply

    What a nice shot! You always rock it whenever you go out. Well, I do believe confidence is the best fashion and it’s what I actually see in you. 😀

  • Renae Teo Reply

    Looking gorgeous there in the OOTDs! 🙂 Pavilion is indeed a nice place to take OOTD shots. Have seen a couple of pretty ladies over there strutting their stuffs 🙂

  • Linda Yee Reply

    You look fashionable in those clothes. I need to learn from you.

  • siennylovesdrawing Reply

    bravo to you, Cheryn! Nice photo shoots of you 🙂 super likes all 🙂
    cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    I always see fahionista take their OOTD shots outside the walkway or entrance of Paviliom KL. On a non raining day the natural sunlight in the morning are alright.

  • geng qian Reply

    perhaps some temples in Petaling Street? Love to see the element of modern vs traditional. Best of luck!

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Looking awesome in all the Shooting photos! Love your pose and confident hehehe! Continue to share us your photoshooting ya!

  • Jane Reply

    Love the way you style your outfit. All clothes look great on you.

  • Liza Reply

    You are so cute, I love the nude sweater. It looks so comfy yet it is extremely chic. Shoes are also amazing

  • Arisa Chow Reply

    Your husband so sweet and supportive to help you take your OOTD pictures 🙂 as usual you pull off those clothes effortlessly with confidence

  • Emily Reply

    Ah, wonderful tip there. Now I know where to go for lovely shots like yours!

  • Nicholas Ng Reply

    I used to work near Pavilion. Nice place. You go girl! 😀

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    I really love you Cheryn.. you prove it to all of us and everyone out there that voluptuous women like us can be and will be fashionable and gorgeous as well….

  • Jessytheklchic Reply

    I love how you work and pose each outfit. If it was me, I would be too shy to do it. Really admire your confidence 😀

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    I love all your photos, you look so confident in striking those poses 🙂

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    beautiful, confident, super awesome photoshoot at the most iconic landmark in town. Keep it up!

  • Leona Reply

    you rocked it, you know how to find the nice spots for photoshoot too.

  • Cecilia Reply

    I love how you going to take OOTD photo and those places actually never realize by us, I love Malaysia with various place can take different themes of photoshoot.

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