Plus Size Photohoot – Jalan Raja Chulan

Plus size photoshoot at heritage houses in Bukit Nanas

If you have every drove pass the entrance to the Bukit Nanas (Pineapple Hill) hiking route beside the KL Tower, you might have spotted the quaint and popular abandoned heritage row of houses.
This is the

That place is by far my favourite place to go for a photoshoot, the old but grand facade is all but an empty pseudo building with nothing behind the impressive looking doors, widows and walls.

Plus size photoshoot at heritage houses in Bukit Nanas

Plus size photoshoot at heritage houses in Bukit Nanas

According to Time Out KL, it is one of the best places in KL to take your wedding photos “Just opposite La Vie En Rose is a row of pre-war houses with an elaborate crest on the wall that says OES and the date 1931. It’s not an abandoned building per se – you can still see sarong-clad occupants minding their business upstairs. But there’s a particular yellow door on the ground floor that disengages from its colonial identity. It’s like stumbling upon a house in a storybook, with creeping foliage, wooden shutters and motif floor tiles to give it character. In the morning, before the traffic starts, the busy Raja Chulan halts for a brief spell – it’s the best time to get your photos taken if you like something offbeat that’s still quintessentially KL.”


  • Wilson Ng Reply

    the place looks scary lar. you are so brave to take pictures there. hehe

  • FiSh Reply

    wow didnt know there is such beautiful spot in KL for photoshooting! 🙂 looks like you have done some homeworks before shooting hehe

  • Low Sze Shin Reply

    Such lovely picture!
    Surely the background is great!

  • Emily Reply

    Beautiful for photoshoots and you do look lovely. But I wouldn’t dare go there at all!

  • Caroline Reply

    U look lovely and the dresses too! 😀

  • Nuraini tripovo Reply

    Wow! The place really is nice for photoshoot. And you always ace it. 🙂

  • Jane Reply

    The place looks historical. Don’t know got such place in the middle of the busy town. Times to explore now.

  • geng qian Reply

    looks so lovely, the buildings and your costumes – i think they gel together very well. thanks for recommending!

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    Wow I like this photoshoot spot, I guess has to go in the day tome not evening.

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    I find that place lovely but scary… I won’t go in there??? Heheh… but it has character and you do look so gorgeous…..

  • Ayue Idris Reply

    omg..i always adore u lah! nice photoshoot, nice post, nice dress!

  • Hui Ying Reply

    your outfit always look amazing!!! And your photo looks very nice!!

  • Leona Reply

    you are seriously committed with your photoshoots, love the whole set up and your dresses

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    I like to take photos in that kind of old old places too. Feel that you can be more relax and chill taking shoots without nobody see! And The feel of the old building will make look looks more vintage =D

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    love how your dresses look on you.. bright vivid colours amidst heritage site background.

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Colors work so well on you, I personally love the green dress 🙂

  • Hanniz Reply

    Love the colours on you against the rustic backdrop 🙂

  • Betty liew Reply

    Nice shooting and the place a bit spooky to me. Haha.

  • Wendy Pua Reply

    interesting, I might going there got some shooting too!
    vintage style you have!

  • Arisaa Reply

    Always love how bold your color coordinations are babe!

  • Sin Yee Reply

    You are so pretty! What a nice photoshoot.

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