Optical Illusions : 5 Ways to Style Your Plus Size Curves with Plusify Fashion

Style Yourself – Let your curves be your guide!

As the header up top suggests, you can use some nifty optical illusion hacks when it comes to styling your curves. In many ways, knowing your curves can be highly rewarding when it comes to stepping up your plus size fashion game. Humour me. After you go through this lil’ blogpost of mine, look at yourself in the mirror, truly look at your body proportions and curves.

As you gaze adoringly at your huggable curves, take note of these lovable qualities.

  • Are you top heavy with strong broad shoulders and larger twins busts?
  • Are you bottom heavy with sexy wide ships and luscious thunder thighs?
  • Are you BOTH top heavy and bottom heavy, and defined by a much smaller hourglass waistline?
  • Are you more ample and plushy tummy wise?
  • Are you on the taller or shorter end in terms of height?
  • What is your most favourite feature?


You are now probably making a mental checklist in your mind of your body structure. That’s great! Let’s now have a look at these tips I’ve collated and some fun photographs that will explain things in greater details. A picture indeed paints a thousand words. A special shout out to the lovely Plusify Fashion models, Elisha and Zyen. They’ve been truly gung-ho in being part of my blogpost and video!

  • Cheryn (me), far right with the pink streaks in her hair – UK 16 / XXL
  • Elisha, our graphic designer from Bulletproof Branding & Design, far left with the geek chic glasses – UK 22 / 5XL
  • Zyen, my Webweaver Learning Centre partner, right in the middle with the sweet dazzling smile – UK 10 / M



Have a look at the video we made!


5 Ways to Style Your Plus Size Curves with Plusify Fashion


Optical Illusion 1 : Elongate with Vertical Lines

Vertical lines can prove very useful when it comes to slenderising and streamlining your body proportions. Using vertical lines to elongate your body is the most commonly used optical illusion when it comes to self styling. Vertical lines, especially ones that are closer and with smaller gaps in between can truly heighten your look.

Vertical lines that are much further apart with bigger gaps in between could however make you look wider and even broader. Use the optical illusion that vertical lines can create to your advantage. That doesn’t mean however that you should wear vertical lines from head to toe, place it wisely and use it to slenderise specific parts.

Use skirts or bottoms with vertical stripes to slim down hips for a more proportioned look.

Not all vertical lines are created equal. Be selective, find that striking vertical stripe pattern and you’ll definitely be a class act. Ladies, I can’t stress this enough, never underestimate the power of even one vertical line.



Optical Illusion 2 : Enhance with Diagonal Lines

Tired of seeing vertical? Finding vertical lines a little boring and overused? Why not give diagonal lines a try. It works the same way as vertical lines truly.

Don’t be afraid to try outfits with diagonal lines, you’d be surprised that it works just as well a vertical lines when it comes to giving the optical illusion of a more proportionate look. Plus points – it looks pretty darn chic, dynamic and gives your overall style a hint of ‘wild child’.



Optical Illusion 3 : Balance Out with Horizontal Lines

I must admit, horizontal lines does have a really bad rep when it comes to styling. It is definitely not uncommon for most women to overlook outfits with these 180 degree lines or even walk right past them and avoid them at all costs! Let’s all give horizontal lines a chance, let’s not be too quick to judge and ban them from your closet.

You might find this rather surprising but with the right placement of horizontal lines, it can cut your silhouette (and widen the right parts of your body) and give you that highly coveted hourglass look. Use it to your advantage. Try opting for thicker lines 2 inches wide or so.

A skinny belt is also a smart use of the horizontal line optical illusion! It is in fact a horizontal line (but in this case, one created via an accessory). Skinny belts are very flattering for curvy women. If your tummy is the widest part of your silhouette, you can ‘cut it’ by wearing a skinny belt at a higher point – an inch or two above your navel or the middle point between your bust and navel. Don’t knock it till you’ve tried it? Let’s all experiment with something new. Give skinny belts a go, it’s truly for all sizes (despite it’s name).



Optical Illusion 4 : Draw Attention with V Lines

V is definitely for Victory (and definitely not vendetta). A common optical illusion hack we almost all use by default is opting for a V-shaped neckline. It draws attention to the face and also elongates the neck making you look more elegant and definitely less hunched. But wait, the V optical illusion hack doesn’t JUST apply to necklines, you can use it with contrasting colours to emphasise your best assets by using it as a partitioning tool of sorts.

Lets say, you want to make your legs look longer. The best course of action would be cutting off (or partitioning) your overall silhouette by placing a contrasting V at a higher part of your dress or outfit. Slip on some high heels and presto! You’ve got legs for days! It works, give it a try.

While we are on the topic of heels, be sure to opt for heels that match the tone of your skin for the illusion of longer legs. For example, if you have a fair skin tone, beige or nude heels is definitely the way to go. A contrasting heel colour would ‘colour block’ your legs diminishing your chances of looking taller and more proportionate.

An outfit with a contrasting V line at the smallest part of your waist can also give the optical illusion of a smaller and more defined waist. Narrow shoulders? Place the V along your shoulders and it gives the optical illusion of broader and stronger shoulders. In many ways, I guess you could say it’s all about the right placement.

Similar to skinny belts, a long statement necklace can also provide the ‘V’ we need as well! Play around with accessories ladies. You might just come up with really great combinations.



Optical Illusion 5 : Shaping Curves with Black

Using black is the most common ‘first line of defence’ when it comes to being plus size. On it’s own, it can to a certain extent have a slimming affect or illusion. If worn on the larger side of the body, black will help slim you. Although, let’s not pigeon hole the use of black shall we? Instead of using it to slim down your overall silhouette, let’s use black to build and ‘shape’ our curves! Try mix in some bright fun contrasting colours.

It’s all about finding the right placement. Very similar to the use of lines to narrow, widen and enhance your silhouette. Use bright contrasting colours to take your ‘black’ to greater shapelier heights.

Plain black from head to toe? Jazz it up with a fun glittery black top! Find black tops and bottoms made from different materials. If you plan to go all black, have fun with it and don’t be afraid to mix it up!


So what say you? Are you ready to step out of your style comfort zone and try something absolutely new?

Playing it safe, is well.. safe.

Why not take the plunge and try that sexy dress you might have seen the other day with that equally plunging neckline? Why not take a leap of faith and try on that skirt with diagonal lines you might come across in the near future? Life is definitely way too short to wear boring clothes and play it fashion safe.

Have fun with fashion.

Till my next blogpost, this is me, Cheryn Tan of Plusify Fashion, Webweaver Learning Centre and #KLTubers signing out!


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  • Rane Chin Reply

    very nice tips here! I like the Horizontal Lines style a lot

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    I know now what to wear.. thanks for the amazing tips… going to check out plusify soon as I need a couple of new stuff… thanks

  • Tiffany Lee Reply

    You’re really inspiring me so much! I’m not a fashionable person and I am chubby too… after see how you style and it really looks good on you! But I guess the main things is that you have confident!

  • Shin May Reply

    you really have a great idea about fashion stuff ! need to learn a lot from you ~

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