Neutrogena + Mercedes Fashion Show

Recently, I was invited to a Mercedes Fashion Show in Malaysia.

I am now officially a real fashion blogger! Right?

I was suppose to dress in a colourful outfit and after a long time trying out different dresses, and finding the perfect outfit…. I forgot to bring it to the office. I freaking forgot my outfit!
So I could only go in a black dress which I absolutely regret. Why did I have to wear black today of all days?

So I arrived in my black dress. At least I didn’t decide to dress down that morning, else I would be showing up like an aunty going to the market for veggies. *oh the horror*

Neutrogena + Mercedes Fashion Show

Look at the excitement, I am over the moon.

Of course, I did not expect the long wait.. I always wondered why the people had bored looks on their faces at fashion shows. I always thought they were just acting cool, I guess they were just bored. *Hard truths of life hits*

So I decided to walk around and look at the Neutrogena booth after I made sure I booked a prime spot.
Look at it, I specially chose a seat next to the photographers so I too can get that editorial shot for my blog! Hahaha, strategy, my friends.

In the end though, I just decided to use the photos provided by the editorial, as my strategy did not work out so well, since apparently alot of people had the same idea…. copycats.

There were 5 designers shown on stage, 3 of which were just guest designers and did not have anything I found interesting enough to show. So I’ll just skip over the 3 smaller opening shows.

As for the main show, there are 2 designers, the first is Kittie Yiyi, a Kuala Lumpur-based designer, though I found her design to remind me of the quirky Japanese trends, which to be honest, is not my cup of tea.
If I had to choose a few designs I liked, these are probably the 3.

The rest… well kind of reminded me of night gowns, for nightmares.
This is just a personal preference of mine, so for those who likes her designs, please don’t kill me.

As for the 2nd designer, Hazzer Wan Lee, who is also a Kuala Lumpur-based designer, I absolutely adore. I would wear so many of his dresses. I fell so much for his clothes I just can’t settle for 3 best designs, so I chose 5 I loved the most.

I do heavily question the stylist though… whats with the straw hats…. why would you do that to the perfect designs?

I am appalled with those farmer hats on those exquisite dresses.
Please don’t do that again, Hazzer.

Even if the theme is beach, does not mean you have to wear straw hats…
I was quite upset, to be honest.
Marred my perfect experience of beautiful designs.

Well, next question is, do you make those dresses in size UK16 and where can I get all colours of them?

Super thankful to Neutrogena for the wonderful experience! I am still so happy..

Look forward to my next fashion show, and pave my way as a fashion blogger!
This time I will come in the proper attire, for sure!

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