Neutrogena Deep Clean Review

As part of Neutrogena’s Beauty Squad, I was told that I would be receiving some products suitable for my combination skin type to review, and I thought I would perhaps one of their facial cleansers, however, imagine my delight when I received a beautiful golden box filled with these goodies one day at the office.
Having tried them for the past few days, these are my thoughts on Neutrogena’s Deep Clean products.
I have already let them know prior in a survey that I have combination skin, so they have sent me some items for my oily + dry skin. Remember to choose something suitable to your skin type as their have different skin type options for their products.

The first item I was super excited to try is their makeup remover cleanser.
Seriously, this product was made for me, a super lazy person who just puts all my toner, moisturiser and cream on together (at the same time) as I am too lazy to do it one by one.
What better way to wash my face? Just remove and cleanse in one go!

Pro: So easy! Save me so much time. I don’t have to run around looking for cotton pads and making a mess on table (toilet sink is too small, so I remove my makeup in the room and go to wash my face after).
Con: Makeup does not come off as easily as some premium (triple in price) brands I have used before, but still comes off after some massaging, so it’s good for the price range.

The second item I tried is this hydrating foam cleanser, I usually have 2 cleansers in my toilet, one for days when I feel dirty (scrub) and one when my face feels dry (moisturising).
So I would actually use all these 3 at the same time (for different days, or different time of the day), probably why my toilet has no space.

But a girl has different needs on different days. Using just 1 type of cleanser just won’t do it for me. ;P

I would recommend using a hydrating cleanser in the morning when your skin is nice and tender. Then use the scrub at night to clear out the day’s pollution, oil and grime before putting on your mask or going to sleep.

Pro: Feels clean after washing, so if you are the type who feels like you have not clean your face if you just use milk, this is a good option.
Con: Not as creamy as the daily scrub, does strip away abit of moisture as do most cleansers I suppose.

Probably the least favourite of the 3 items, not because of the effectiveness, but the use of Polyethylene as their microbeads, which is a big NO NO for me.
Meaning they use plastic instead of natural jojoba beads or crushed walnut skin as some other products do, so as to be better for our environment.
However, reading up on their official UK website, they are working to be polyethylene free by end of 2017, so I hope it happens soon, not just for UK, but for Malaysia too.
Read more on their commitment to change to be more eco-friendly:
For now, I will support their other products and be the first to support their scrub when the time comes, but would not be able to recommend this for now.
Pro: Used it a couple of times to try, gentle to the skin, and suitable as a daily scrub
Con: Polyethylene microbeads, have to be frank on this one, it bugs me.


  • yanrula Reply

    I always love Neutrogena’s products! Used their moisturising gel before and it was AWESOME! Kept my skin moist and smooth. Thanks for sharing, I’m totally shelling out some money to get these!

    yanrula x

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