KLYoutubers – Beach Wear & Waterproof Makeup

This video is really a celebration of fun for us, where we share our personal fashion and makeup tips for those beach vacations!
How to stay awesome

KLYoutubers - Introduction to Summer Vacation Fashion
Screenshots of the video for those who are too lazy to watch (YOUR LOST)
This is a monthly collaboration video by a group I personally founded called KLYoutubers.
This month we are joined by Louise Chu, Lee Yann & Lee Shin May (click to see their version of the video)

KLYoutubers - Waterproof makeup - Holika Holika Magic Wand Mascara
KLYoutubers – Waterproof makeup – Holika Holika Magic Wand Mascara
This mascara is the one I recommend you to try out if you are looking for a waterproof mascara which is the best I have tried on so far!
You can also check out the full video if you want to see what the other girls recommend from their waterproof makeup collection.

Watch the full video here

KLYoutubers - Singing by the pool
KLYoutubers – Singing by the pool which happens to be my favourite part of the video!
We miss RubyTan for this singing session, she loves to sing at all our previous youtube collaboration sessions.

KLYoutubers eating at Best Western PJ
KLYoutubers eating at Best Western PJ
We were also served some awesome lunch from Best Western PJ. YUMMY food selection from their Warisan Tradisi Buffet (Only in June)
They will have BBQ buffets open to public at the poolside starting from July at their poolside!

Thank you so much for watching our KLYoutubers collaboration video. Hope you enjoy our little poolside party.
Do share with us your favourite summer getaway beauty and fashion tips!

We are also doing a really big giveaway (closing date is 30th June)
Do check it out!!

*Giveaway info*

1. Participants must have a Malaysian Mailing Address.

2. Giveaway will close on 30th June 5pm, Announcement at 8pm

3. To participate, you would need to subscribe to all 4 KLYOUTUBERS’ channels and comment on the videos below
– Cheryn Tan: https://youtu.be/BnxGqZD3g7M
– Louise Chu: https://youtu.be/ejNz3SIB-98
– Shin May: https://youtu.be/xcIevFwWIsk
– Lee Yann: https://youtu.be/b1YusMykmVc

4. Giveaway consist of
– Buffet voucher (for 2) from Best Western
– Box of products from Claire Organics
– Donut from Pink&proper

BEST WESTERN HOTEL : www.bestwesternpj.com.my

CLAIRE ORGANICS : www.claire.my

PINK n PROPER: www.pinknproper.com


Cheryn Tan
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/cheryn84
Facebook: http://www.fb.com/cheryn84


  • Emily Reply

    What a great time you all had. I really enjoyed watching your video. Great job.

  • Juli Reply

    I watched your video and it was so cute! I’m definitely gonna give the mascara a try… especially in this weather in KL.

  • Puisan Reply

    Too badd! Ain’t the lucky one! I have to rent for the float now for my trip! hahaxD Anyway! Great videos, love to watch your channel! 🙂

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Looks like a great opportunity to score some interesting prizes… will check it out later… and good luck to all joining….

  • kylie cre8tone Reply

    Wow! lovely youtubers with nice beach wear and pretty make up.. Nice leh~

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Great video! Holika Holika Magic Wand Mascara is my favourite mascara as well!

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    I never really try make up under water or go to the beach. Because I prefer to go swimming by naked bare face, just sunscreen is all I need =D You girls have so much fun!!

  • Qian Reply

    watched the videos and thanks girls, really love every single piece. hope to see more similar works in future!

  • Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    You gals look great! Lovely video! Will check the contest too! Excited hehe for it! All the best to everyone who is joining!

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    sweet. so there’s a group now called the klyoutubers? Pretty ladies 😀

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Need that mascara, I always have ‘horrible’ look if kena the rain >.<

  • Shubhada Reply

    That’s nice idea! Collab of yours is surely a success.

  • HUI WEN YU Reply

    Wow! Waterproof mascara.. I need it so so much.

  • Shin May Reply

    Is my first time to join youtube ~ A lot of things to learn throughout this meeting session ~ Great to know you and Louise ! Hope to join more youtube event soon !

  • Arisa Reply

    I used that wand too but I find the drying abit slow upon application and have to make sure I dont bat my lashes till it’s completely dry.

  • Lee Ying Chong Reply

    wow very good video, i like the way! u girls must be enjoy n having lots fun 🙂

  • Betty Liew Reply

    Too bad I did not win for the contest. But I like to watch the video and follow you on Youtube.

  • SiennyLovesDrawing Reply

    very nice video shoot done & like it very much. Well done 🙂 cheers, SiennyLovesDrawing

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