Klairs Mid Day Sunblock & BB Cushion

I am always told as a fair skinned aging asian woman, I need to be bathed in sunblock everytime I stepped out of the house. SPF 5? Are you insane, where got enough?
“My sunblock SPF20, and I still put another layer of sunblock foundation, and carry umbrella just in case!”
So, if you want to be youthful and fair, SPF is your best friend.
So needless to say, I was ecstatic when Klairs contacted me and asked me if I wanted a few of their products to try out, included a sunblock with SPF40!!! Nah, take that you with your umbrella and measly SPF20 sunblock person which I have created in my mind.

Look at this mother load.
I am set for life… ok, maybe just this year.
But still SPF40, and I can wear it on my FACE, seriously, plus I am going Krabi this weekend. God sent.

Look at that beautiful bottle.

So I decided to open up the test package they kindly included instead of opening up my pristine bottle.
I am nuts that way, don’t judge me.
As I was saying, I decided to open up the test package to test out the texture, because what is worse than having a sticky uncomfortable lotion on the face when you are travelling and sweating under the sun? (First world problems)

The cream is abit blue-ish in colour, which explains the packaging, and it is easy to squeeze out & glides over the skin relatively easily.
It doesn’t feel sticky or uncomfortable, but you do need to give it abi of time to fully absorb and you won’t feel the cream on the skin anymore.

Pro: Love the texture, love the SPF40, love the scent, love that it is not one of those oily finish sunblocks.
Con: I do not have much bad stuff to say. Will have to try it under the sun for a few days to be able to update on whether if it holds under the sun and sweat.

So the next product is this cute Mochi BB cushion!
So cute!

It has a special twist cover to ensure cleanliness of the cushion below, though to be honest, I found the whole packaging slightly awkward to handle.
But it promises an airtight seal to decrease the possibility of bacteria.

Coverage is decent but not a full coverage, so its good for daily wear.
And it is also SPF40! Love how Klair cares of my poor chinese skin in crazy Malaysian weather.

Pro: SPF40! Important stuff. Air tight seal.
Con: Packaging feels light and abit hard to open with one hand, and I like my BB cushion full coverage.

Overall, good experience trying out these Klair products, will be bringing my trail packets to Krabi this weekend to nourish and beautify my skin at night, after all the sun I will probably be in during the day.

Beach Holiday, here I come!!

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