Journey with Beauty Bound Asia – Part 2

Continuation from Part 1

Plus Size Cheryn Tan - Journey Beauty Bound Asia

After receiving the news of being selected as a Malaysian Finalist – to compete for the 2 covetted spots and represent Malaysia, we were once again invited for a gathering & briefing.

National Finalist - Beauty Bound Asia -Plus size Malaysia National Finalist - Beauty Bound Asia -Plus size Malaysia

Faa Firds & Emily Quak, famous Malaysian Beauty Youtube bloggers made an appearance again! And this time, they even shared their failures and how we can pick ourselves up and learn from mistakes, and also how they handle negative feedbacks when it comes their way.
It was quite nice to learn that even the successful bloggers have it rough sometimes, and that is no reason to stay down.

We also got another session from a Youtube speaker which this time gave us alot more in-depth knowledge on how to become a successful youtube blogger (**Leave me a comment if the information interest you, and I will make a post on it!**), some stuff I have not even heard of before. Good to know the if I want to make my Youtube channel more successful.

We also had a on-the-spot (Hackathon) challenge of taking off our makeup and putting it back on in 30 mins! So stressful for me that I kept poking my eyes with my eyeliner, and had red eyes after that! No photo of that as evidence, luckily.

The table for our on the spot Hackathon Challenge in 30 mins, as you can see, my many bags of beauty products. I brought everything! Just in case.

Beauty Bound Asia Challenge

They served much better food this time around, but it was not enough for everyone, and alot of us were super hungry after the briefing had ended.

Food - Beauty Bound Asia Briefing

We also had a professional makeup artist (Khir Khalid) come teach us some tips & tricks we can use for our upcoming challenge!

wedding makeup artist Khir Khalid
Didn’t manage to get a good photo of him as I was concentrating too much on what he was demonstrating.

OK, now for the exciting part! At the end of the gathering, we were finally briefed on our upcoming challenge!
Our second challenge was to make another 2 youtube videos!

  1. Another Unboxing video of the goodies we got from Youtube & SKII.
  2. Next one is a NO-MAKEUP Makeup tutorial!

My Second UNBOXING VIDEO for Beauty Bound Asia

We got a YouTube T-shirt together with our Goodie bag before leaving! So I just had to put it on for the video. Doesn’t it look amazingggggg??
And Look at the second pile of LOOT I got!

SK-II goodie bag unboxing with PLus Size Fashion Blogger Cheryn Tan

And my NO-MAKEUP makeup video submission

I CLONED myself for this video! Haha, feeling like I needed to make an impression, I decided to bring out my rusty editing skills to create this simple special effects.
I also added a twist to my video by comparing a No-Makeup Makeup with REALLY No-Makeup beauty tips.

Again, after many late and sleepless nights, I finally submitted both my videos! This time, with alot more praying cos Tokyo was on the line!

I also created a whatsap chat group with the other contestants, the ones I met and got contacts to anyways, just so we could give each other moral support! Hahaha, and we needed it!
Only 2 out of 20 people to be selected.
Tough probabilities.

Finally got the results of the 2 winners to represent Malaysia!
And it was’t meeeee…….
Not that I really expected that much, there are alot of good participants out there!

Journey of Beauty Bound Asia - PLus size Fashion Blogger Cheryn Tan

Happy with everything that I have experienced though, so this memory will be locked away in my core memory and will shape the future of my Youtube Journey!
*Pixar’s Inside Out Reference*


  • FiSh Reply

    Thats really challenging and thumbs up to your creative video of nomakeup vs nomakeup! It sounds cool hahah 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks so much Fish… And yes, it was torturing challenging! But fun too.

  • Michelle Reply

    It must have been a great experience!! Getting on the international platform 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      It was exciting as it was the first time I entered something like this.

  • Cecilia Reply

    You have did a great job to bring your brand up to international. I still have a long way to learning how to make a really nice video.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Haha, you should see my first video. I could almost see the fear in my eyes.. and sweat.

  • sherry Reply

    I saw this video and I though you have twins hehe.
    nice dresses you are wearing.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Haha, Thanks Sherry. Glad my video was so realistic.

  • cindyrina Reply

    whoa! congrats babe! great video too. I enjoy watching it

  • Renae Teo Hui Lyng Reply

    You must have had a tone of fun throughout the whole journey. Awesome video there 😀 Wishing you all the best should you participate again in the future! 😀

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Oh, I am still looking for something similar, but I guess it was luck I found this competition. I had so much fun!

  • Aliza Sara Reply

    Woohoo more updates! I really enjoyed watching your video. Good Job!

  • Sin Yee Reply

    Thanks for sharing. I read about BBA from other blog too. Sounds a lot of fun

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      My pleasure, it was very fun indeed.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Yes, and I wish I could do it again! Which brand want to organise this again? Anyone?

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    You are already an amazing person and a winner in your own right… there will be other chances… go get em…. gambateh

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thank you so much, Miera. That is such a sweet thought. 🙂

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    I been following the updates about Beauty Bound Asia too! Congrats to making for part 2 journey too! I know that it was definitely not easy but you made it!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Yupp, would have loved to go to Tokyo though. Hahaha.

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    now to google up the youtube of beauty bound asia. You got me curious enough to see whats it about.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Cool, enjoy all the other videos too. There is some amazing stuff from all the beauties around asia!

  • Betty Liew Reply

    You still look natural and gorgeous without make up. Indeed you are confident person.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thank you so much Betty, I actually put in alot of work few days before the video to make sure my face looks nice for the video. Hahaha

  • geng qian Reply

    come back next time! i’m sure you have given the best you could!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Yes, I did. No regrets! So all that is left is great memories.

  • Fadzi Razak Reply

    I love your video! Make sure you win! Hahhaha. Good luck!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks Fadzi.. I didn’t win the finals 🙁

  • Kakalina Reply

    Like your youtube recording. Keep up the good words! 😉

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks so much. Will keep doing better!!

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Good job on the editing of the video! =)

  • Leona Reply

    hey girl so happy to finally meet you and yes you rock in the video

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Hey Leona, so glad to finally meet you too! Thanks for the compliment & see you at the next fashion event, hopefully!

  • Jane Reply

    Eventhough you didn’t win the final 2 but you’re already the winner for doing each of the challenge well. Good job, Cheryn.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks so much Jane je. You are my inspiration, honestly.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks Rane! Nice meeting you too!

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Wow so happy for you, this is really a valuable experience for the beauty bloggers 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Yupp! Now if they only have something like this for Fashion Bloggers!

  • Sebrinah Yeo Reply

    Wow! The Hackathon challenge seems exciting and exhilarating but u sound like u had tons of fun hehe

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      My hands were shaking! All the other girls were so pro! Hahaha. But yes, it was super fun!

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