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Plus Size Fashion, The Curvy Life / Monday, April 18th, 2016

Growing up as a plus size girl by the beaches of the “Kampung” Kuala Terengganu, Malaysia, and being in a conservative state(and family), truly limited my fashion growth in the early days. I was so limited in selection & inspiration. I did not know how to dress all.

I was exposed to fashion when I went shopping with my cousins and got dressed up for the first time, we went to 3 shops to get me a nice mini skirt, 4 shops to get me a nice v-neck blouse. By the time I found 1 outfit, my cousins already had bags of clothes!

Fat girls want to look pretty too. I loved the feeling fashion can bring & the confidence it can give, and started a fashion boutique I Can’t Sew (Currently Catchy Concept) with my cousin, but miserably, I could never fit into anything.

That’s when I started Plusify (A Plus size Fashion Boutique)

I do believe the my journey in Plusify is just starting, and with alot of room to grow I am constantly thinking of new ways to help Plusify grow.


For me, Plusify is not just a fashion store, but it is to promote it in a positive way as well. No body shaming or self pity, only pride and inspiration to all the curvy women of Malaysia. Asian plus size women needs this.

Some take a more guerrilla warfare marketing strategy and use phrases like ‘Real women have curves’ or ‘Get that girl a cheeseburger stat!’ may sound catchy, but any marketing strategy that requires you to shame other body types is really not the message I want to sent out into the world. All women are insecure with their figure.

Confidence is something every woman needs to be beautiful, regardless of body size.

I hope you enjoy my little story. And do watch my first video promoting Plusify (and not just talking about me).
Do let me know if you have any suggestions on my next Plusify Video.

I had so much fun doing my first feature on Plusify, my own online boutique. Do let me know what you think!

Hope you like these OOTD ideas! Have a great day everyone.

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