Fat is not a bad word!

Hi girls, today I am going to to talk about an issue I have had for so long about my weight, and how I overcame that one thing that was able to tear my down all the time.

People calling me FAT.

Recently I watched this wonderful TED talk that gave me such a food for thought and allowed me to realise the power we give to certain words. The importance this is to body positivity, is enormous. So I hope to share it with you and may it make a change in your perception so that one day, FAT will just be a word that describes us, just like buff, skinny, tall, short, and not something that people avoid in fear of offending someone.

Acceptance is the first step to body positivity, and it has to start with us. How do we expect people to see Fat people and look pass the body size and shape and treat us all equally when we ourselves deny that part of ourselves.

If you go to the gym and call a guy buff, he would not be unhappy.
If you go to the office and call a girl skinny, she would blush in happiness.

So why is the word FAT so terrible?

I used to get so worked up about people calling me FAT. How dare they!
I would give that word so much power and hatred that it could make me feel like that person was being rude and mean.

Problem is I was fat. I am fat.I am also plus size, curvy, and FAT.

I hope you enjoy this awesome video I find so inspirational, and still watch it from time to time to remind myself that it is time to change.

Stripping away negative body image
presented by Lillian Bustle

Be yourself, and love your Fats.

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