Clothes Buffet – Season 3

Look out ladies, cos something awesome is coming!!


Over the weekend I was invited to an awesome event

clothes buffet invitation

I was super excited and needless to say. I took the opportunity to dress up!

Printed Dress - Plus size Fashion, Plusify

Let me know what you think of my first Event Vlog Video, k.

We even had a dressing up competition!
Haha. I felt like Malaysian Top Model for a while choosing my outfit, accessories and going for a photoshoot to be judged.

And this is my chosen outfit!

Clothes Buffet - Competition Photoshoot

The Clothes Buffet is such a crazy awesome idea, basically you just pay RM150 and you get tons of stuff already, cos of the sponsors’ vouchers and gifts (Even get to win gold chains from Poh Kong! NUTS!!). Then you get to stuff a bag of clothes too!
Shopping without the price tags!

Check out my haul girls! How many pieces do you think you can fit into that bag?

The maximum was 24! I still can’t get over that crazy number. Provided that it was mainly tank tops the person manage to squeeze into the bag.
I couldn’t even get pass double digits, and believe me, I TRIED!

They have so many different category of clothes in this season, just to make it easier for the girls to choose now, instead of lumping everything into a pile.
And you will have 30,000 pieces to choose from!!!

– Throwback, which is vintage style clothing –
– Girls being girls, which has super nice casual stuff!! –
– Lazy Weekend, for the more comfortable casual stuff –
– Little Black Dress, all the black dresses! –

clothes buffet

So if you girls want to try it out! Just visit their website and book a spot!

And you will be able to join in the Clothes Buffet Season 3
Date : 16th -17th Jan (9.30 AM – 9.00 PM)
Location: Lot 10 Shopping Cente, Bukit Bintang, Kuala Lumpur

Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan

Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan

Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan Clothes Buffet - Season 3 - Cheryn Tan

There is also going to be a WEAR YOUR SKETCH CONTEST, so check that out if you want to design something to wear, and if you win there will be a major brand KeyNG which will product the clothes which you have designed!

Special Mentions (Sponsors of the event!)
LinsComm –
Lot 10 –
Clozette –
Elementum –
Pink Passion –
Poh Kong –
Celebrity Fitness –
Empro –
Sunshade –
Key Ng –
Huntmer –
Zalora –
Sothy –


  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    Is it easy to get clothes our size Cheryn.. huhuhu I am also a plus sized so worried when it comes to such events… those who are slim and small are definitely a given…

  • Caroline Reply

    Felt bad for having to passed this event! Looks like everyone had fun there!

  • sherry Reply

    wow nice to know they have plus size clothes too. Shall check them out when I am free.

  • Xin A Day Reply

    I never been to this event before~ I’m scared that it will not as nice as what I see and what I wear~

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Wow~ Looks so fun. Too bad I’m not joining this year.

  • Mike Yip Reply

    Looks nice. Plenty of choices to choose from eh.

  • Yokeching Reply

    After read your post, I felt I should do a haul video on my youtube channel ! By the way, i love your video.

  • Trislynn Chan Reply

    I got the grey dress too!!! I’m so regret for not taking the red color one
    arghhh…i wanna go back !!

  • geng qian Reply

    arghhhhh missing the next round again because i’ll be at hometown that time 🙁

  • Jane Reply

    Your outfits look great on you. I want to join it next year.

  • Sze Shin Low Reply

    Ahhhh..clothes buffet!!!
    But I am trapped in between!!

  • FiSh Reply

    i have been there last year, and definitely will be back for the season 3 this year!! can’t wait for the fun to begin!

  • Emily Reply

    What an awesome event. Lovely clothes you picked up! I wished I could be there as well.

  • Renae Teo Reply

    24 pieces?! Wow what a good bargain! You sure looked like you fished up a lot of nice pieces! What an awesome event there 😀

  • Wilson Ng Reply

    24 is not a good bargain but awesome bargain. great story from u like always.

  • siennylovesdrawing Reply

    wow! seems like a fun & awesome event to attend this kind of event! I have never been to…would love to participate next time 🙂 cheers, siennylovesdrawing

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    it gets better and better each new season! i was at the inaugural one at Taylors, last couple of years.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Too bad I miss it as I am having other plan on that day! The clothes are so pretty and the size they have is really a great news for all the plus size! Gonna share this news to all my friends =D

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    I love clothes buffet! I only manage to stuff in 5 pieces because my 2 midi skirts are a bit bulky. Nevertheless I got what I like and that makes me feel great.

  • Arisa Reply

    I saw your booth but didn’t manage to catch You as you left early babe T.T

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Interesting event, haven’t been to this kind of clothes buffet before, looking forward the next one 🙂

  • Nuraini tripovo Reply

    What a cool event! And you always dress to kill. Love your confidence when you’re talking and posing. You look cute! 😀

  • Hui Ying Reply

    Thanks for your beauty advice and your belt make me more pretty….hehe!!

  • Selina Wing Reply

    I never heard about clothes buffet.. I thought that the ladies dress up then eat buffet.. 😀 I visited their website so it looks so very nice! Just choose any clothes we like then how many clothes we put in our bag? O.O I want to try it!

  • Absolute Yana Reply

    Awesome!! You look super pretty in that dress.. and I did not see that coming..the whole tuck in the dress if its too long.. hehhehe…good job babe! Ok, I may not be plus size…or probably I am under-size…lols which I am trying to gain weight..but stress is keeping me thin…so yea… The point is, I would really love to stop by your boutique or booth next time…. 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thank you so much Yana. Yes, please do stop by next time!

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