Shoe Rack – Walk Out Wardrobe

Staying in a condo with just my hubby has it benefits as we have rooms we do not use and I can claim as my own! So I changing one of the rooms into a wardrobe.
My “Walk-Out Wardrobe” where I can spruce up when walking out of the house, instead of a “Walk-In Wardrobe”.

Fashion Wardrobe - DIY Shoe Rack

I was given some glass pieces by an acquaintance who had just closed down her fashion boutique, and thought I could use it for my “Walk-Out” Wardrobe”. So I went out and bought 40 bricks and 50 cents a piece.

To create the support for my shoe racks with the bricks I decided to wrap the bricks up, as to make sure it wouldn’t damage the floor. On hindsight, I think I would have preferred more colour instead of plain brown, maybe next time when I have more time.

You will need:
1. Some paper, tape and bricks, I wrapped the bricks for the support of my shoe racks.
2. Pieces of glass to use as the surfaces of the racks, you can get at those shops which sells racks and hangers for clothing shops.
3. Decorative items I have bought from Kaison, Paradigm Mall.

Kaison is my favourite shop for decorative items, things there are so nice & cheap! I got those vases at only RM16 each & flowers at RM5 each.
I was so tempted to buy much more! But my pocket was running dry.

I will need to buy more shoes for my shoe rack too!
Another trip to Taiwan, hubby? hehe…

Fashion Wardrobe - DIY Shoe Rack

I used a temporary clothes rack to hold my shawls, jackets & bags.
Doesn’t seem to fit the deco, so I will need to go to Ikea to get a better clothes rack, I think I saw one I liked.
I am also thinking of getting a nice full length mirror where I can do my make up before walking out the door.

Fashion Wardrobe - DIY Shoe Rack

Here is my cutie little baby, Coffee, who has kept me company throughout my time spent wrapping those bricks… it took much longer than I expected.

And Voila! The final product.
My Walk-Out Closet all decorated and done up.
Thanks to Pinterest, Ikea & Kaison!


  • Anis Reply

    I’m always envious at people who are good at DIY, crafts and deco. This is such a cute idea!
    Now all I need is the space *giggles*

  • Norazamin Reply

    Definitely love the idea! But I prefer showing the bricks texture rather than wrap it to add more character to the room.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      bricks were too fragile. kept breaking off and scratching the floor so I took a different option

  • Wing Reply

    Very creative way! I like this idea.

  • Reload Food Reply

    wow, girls certainly have a lot of different shoes. then will not getting bored to change one everyday. haha..

  • Renae Teo Reply

    Wow nice! It really looks pretty and nicely done. Bet you had a lot of fun doing the DIY Walk Out Wardrobe with Coffee.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      I’m actually thinking of re-decorating again!
      I want to do new stuff now.

  • Shin May Reply

    Great Idea to DIY using unwanted stuff…It look like a shoe shop if the brick painted with some colour..haha

  • Joyce Reply

    This is a very creative DIY! Kudos! I like how it utilizes minimal space and at the same time being functional and trendy. 🙂

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    waaaahhh… so lucky.. get your own walk in wardrobe… I am all green with envy…

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    I’m gonna have one walk out wardrobe when I have my own house! This Shoe Rack DIY is so convenient and Cheap too!

  • Kakalina Reply

    Wow! That’s cool!
    Will practise this once my new house done renovation. 🙂

  • Shubhada Reply

    I loved this DIY idea! It looks cool and pretty useful.

  • Betty Reply

    That really a brilliant idea. No need spend so much money on ready made shoe rack. And your shoe rack look simple and spacious. i like the idea

  • Sunshine Kelly Reply

    This is so simple, easy and useful tips. I dont have enough space to keep my shoes so going to stack them like this.

  • Leona Reply

    That’s so nice to be able to have your own room with all your stuff, shoes, clothes, makeup, ahhh, i think i only have a table for that.

  • Mums&Babies Reply

    I love doing this recycle kind of DIY craft and gives so much pleasure to make it useful.

  • Isaac Tan Reply

    beautiful.. i think i need to buy more clothes for a wardrobe like this 😀

  • Miriam Reply

    OMG! Nice! Lucky you to have an extra room to convert it into a walkin wardrobe. I would love to have this because honestly my normal wardrobe sure can’t store all my clothes. I like the shoe rack babe. Look really good!

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    So easy to make, and it looks nice too, perfect to place anything on it 🙂

  • Aliza Sara Reply

    Not too bad. Love the creative idea!

  • Arisa Chow Reply

    Creative way to decorate your room on a budget basis!

  • Ortolana Clare Reply

    This looks amazing! Maybe when I have my own place I’ll do this haha

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