Cheryn’s Plus Size Bikini Experience

Loved my Ruby’s Resort trip so much! You can check it out in my previous post about the trip to Cherating with my Hubby & Coffee!
Having fun in the beautiful Malaysian Beaches are the best holidays!

But this post is a spin off as I wanted to make a post specially for my bikini trip!
I have always worn a full piece swim suit when going into the water, and this is my first time putting on a 2 piece plus size bikini (also known as Tankini – due to the bigger bottom)

Frills and Tassle Plus size Bikini - Tankini
This is my favourite of the 2 tankinis I now own. As it was my first time and the first day of the trip I wanted something to cover my tummy abit and the frills in front did that perfectly.
I was able to feel sexy yet not too exposed. Plus I love the colour! Perfect for the beach!
I brought along a scarf in case I would start feeling shy want wanted to cover up.

Halter tankini - Plus Size bikini
This is my second bikini, which was in a safer slimming colour, I actually really like the bottom, but did not realise I had no photo of myself in just the bikini.
This is how the tankini is suppose looks like.
Don’t you just love the colour blocking on this piece! Fun and slimming!

Well, other than dressing in bikinis, I also did cover myself up for evening walks and also a night out having dinner with my Hubby.
Beach wear for evening walk I wore a simple spagetti top with a scarf for a skirt to walk around the beach as I did not want my pants to be filled with sand if we decided to sit down. Plus since I was wearing my bikini bottom, I could even take off my scarf and go into the water if I wanted.

This is the maxi dress I wore for a special dinner night out with my hubby in town.
However, I don’t usually wear many maxi dresses due to my height, but it was a nice change since I was at the beach & wanted to feel romantic.
Plus size beach maxi dress


  • FiSh Reply

    love the fringe tankini in baby blue shade 🙂 suits your fair skin!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks! I grew a few shades darker that weekend, but it was worth it!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks! I accidentally stained it with another dress, now there are dark patches everywhere, so sad!

  • Kylie cre8tone Reply

    Wow! Nice bikini.. Let’s go for a swim!~

  • geng qian Reply

    What a good news to plus size girls! You look absolutely stunning in those bikinis. Who said plus size can’t wear bikini? and who said plus size looks horrible in bikini?

  • Betty liew Reply

    The blue colour swimming suit look nice on you. I love your confident level in featuring clothes. you look great on it.

  • cindyrina Reply

    That swim suit really brings plus size ladies to another level. You look fabulous confident wearing it. Nice one dear!

  • Jacqueline Khoo Reply

    Love your colorful bikini! I should try at least bikini once in my life (too shy :P)

  • Emily Reply

    You looked great in the bikini and dress. You’re so daring too. 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      It is actually abit embarrassing for me too. I was lucky the resort had less people as it was a Thursday!

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    looking fabulous Cheryn… I so love your bikinis… lovely!!!! I am so gonna wear my bikini soon too LOL

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Awesome. Have fun in them! 🙂

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      You look awesome in your bikini, by the way! Hawt!

  • Mike Yip Reply

    Always like Cherating, there’s a few resorts there that are pet friendly that i like ot visit.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Oh? I have only heard of Ruby’s Resort. Which other is there?

  • Anfieldyee Reply

    I love how you portray yourself with all these bikini suits. You look great! 🙂

  • Jane Reply

    You looks sexy wearing Tankini. You had prove to everyone that being plus size doesn’t meant that we cannot looks sexy too. Thumbs up for your exploration.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    You look fabulous la with all the bikini!! I love the first one design and color really stand out. Maxi dress was pretty too =D

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Yes, that one is my favourite too!

  • Nuraini Za’abar Reply

    The tankini looks fabulous and you look stunning on it. Even a plus size can pull it off just perfectly!

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      All a girl needs is confidence!

  • Aliza Sara Reply

    Embrace those curves! Looking great in a bikini 😀

  • Kakalina Reply

    Dear, you look great with the lovely outfits especially the last photo. Wee~wee~

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Love that piece of tankini, so striking in color with funky design 🙂

  • Sylvia Lye Reply


    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Hahaha! Thanks for the enthusiasm!

  • Ellie Reply

    You look fab, dear. I never dare to wear bikini.

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Little by little, Ellie. When you are in a place where no one recognises you, it will be easier! Go to a foreign beach if you are too shy to try it local.

  • Leona Reply

    very sexy and full of body confidence! if you got it flaunt it

  • Wilson Ng Reply

    It takes a lot of courage to put on bikinis. I know some of my girl friends shying away to show skin. Glad to see some of the plus size bikinis here and keep on blogging! =)

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Thanks! It’s ok to be shy. As long as it is not because of body confidence. We all have the right to look & feel awesome in our own way.

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