Best Western PJ

It is the time of the year again!! Where we get to eat as much as we want, drink as much as we want, sing as much as we want, dance as much as we want!!!
So if you are looking for a place to hang out with your friends and family without getting making a mess in anyone’s home or breaking the bank, Best Western PJ is the best place to be at during the countdowns for Christmas & New Years.

louise chef sabil

Best Western PJ is pulling out all the stops this year to bring out a wonderful Christmas & New Years buffet spread that me & my friends got to personally enjoy! And check out the cute chef! Chef Sabil is not only cute but super talented! luckily he is not my boyfriend or else I would be double my current size!


My favourite has to be their Red Velvet Cake!! I love it so much, just thinking of it again is making my mouth water. I mean, look at that spread of desserts! My personal heaven right there.

There is also an awesome spread of food.

I even love my outfit for the night, a fringe lace dress which I am constantly stopping myself to wear to every occasion cos then all my photos will be of this dress only!

Here are the details to the Christmas & New Years buffet dinner, do also check out their website for more details :

Hope you guys have a wonderful holiday!!
Merry Christmas & a happy new years!!!!

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