Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea
This was my first time attending an anniversary celebration by Butterfly Project and I was absolutely happy to be able to attend this 3rd year Anniversary, which was a Bake & Shop Party with Althea!
Location was at Delectable by Su, Glasshouse Seputeh.

A little info on Althea Korea, it is an online shopping website that sells awesome beauty products from Korea!

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea
Playing dress up with the girls was so much fun! Even though I was there as a blogger and in most events I have to concentrate on getting “work” done by taking photos and shooting videos. This to be honest, was no work at all, I was happily posing for photos and running around taking videos of all the awesome deco. I had to edit so much out of my video to keep it short and sweet cos I was taking videos of every single corner of the place, and it was just getting slightly too much for the video. I could not keep saying awesome in every scene I put in…. Can I? Haha, maybe next time I’ll try and you guys can let me know.

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea
I love cute things, and I love DIY deco… so one of the activities they arranged was right up my alley. It felt like I was back in secondary school again where I would make all the birthday presents and even sold handmade flowers on Valentine’s day!

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea
Cute bubbly mama, Syafiera, made the most awesome deco of them all.

2016-04-30 17.59.04
The next activity I did not manage to get any footage off, cos I was too excited shopping!!! So fail as a blogger, hahaha… But can’t say I regret it, cos we were given 30 mins and a budget of RM150 to shop on Althea! And I manage to finish shopping with only 5 mins to spare! Time flies by in jet planes when a girl is shipping.
It was Butterfly Project’s Anniversary and we kept getting showered in Gifts!!

Ok, now it is been a few weeks since the event, I should probably have toned down my excitement, but I guess thinking of it still bring up so many happy memories I get abit giddy… hahaha

So to share the stuff I bought.
Visit Althea Korea to check out more.

There were people who were filling up their shopping carts with loads of stuff. But indecisive little me could not decide on anything! I kept going back and forth adding stuff into my cart and removing them.

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea

But I am super happy with my final purchase as I feel these items will complete my small makeup collection

A set of eyeshadow shades
– Highly recommend. I love this one, it is so pigmented, I only wish the light colours was lighter as I have a fair skin tone and the light colours are abit dark for me. But the feel application of this is wonderful. It even comes with a pair of good quality sharp and soft blending eyeshadow brush.
A mascara
MAGIC POLE MASCARA by Holika Holika RM42
– Highly recommend. Heard a few good reviews so I decided to try it. The brush is quite interesting and it is very very very waterproof. I even rubbed my eyes and it did not smear! It feels like a coat of thin rubber added onto your eyelashes. It is really long lasting. But also hard to remove, did I mention it is very water proof? Tip: Use warm water.
A cream concealer
– MEH. I needed concealers cos my own was finishing. First, I chose the wrong colour, apparently I am not as fair as I thought I was. Second, I am not a fan of the applicator. It is basically like a tube of toothpaste, so you squeeze onto your face, fingers or brush… I just don’t like it. Texture and coverage is still good, so I am finishing this tube before getting another. .

Butterfly Project 3rd Anniversary - Bake and Shop Party Althea
At the end, with alot of hugs and loads of presents, we left the party with smiles on our faces!


  • Baz Reply

    I love Althea Korea, they offers really range of Korean products with really good price!

  • Lee Ying Chong Reply

    i like to shop from althea! n i have to say the little dessert look so attractive to me!

  • Puisan Reply

    Hi dear! A little bit upset not able to make it to the party, it was so fun! Was at hometown due to the continuous holiday! Hope can join with you guys in the future! ><

  • mieranadhirah Reply

    I just love Althea… they have the best products all affordable for people like us….. and Butterfly is one of the best community blogger group ever!!!!

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Looks like you guys had a lot of fun! I like your decoration on the BB cushion. Simple and lovely.

  • Everest Reply

    Hello Cheryn,
    The event looks like lots of fun! Not to mention the beautiful make up that you get to keep!

    Much love,

  • Jane Reply

    So many beauties there. I love Althea too. Good quality at an affordable price.

  • Hui Ying Reply

    I love Althea!!! Jealous you guys can join this event!!!

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Happy to be able join this super fun birthday party with all the beautiful butterflies! I always so addicted to be able to shop at Althea Korea!

  • Apple Berry Reply

    Aww.. really wish to be there since start. Guess I will put 101% effort on figure out about my badge issue and hope to see you guys next year. ^.^

  • Shubhada Reply

    Wow! such a fun event. It must be great to hang out with other mum bloggers.

  • Qian Reply

    seems like a fun event! you look good in that dress yo!

  • Pooja Kawatra Reply

    Althes is a great brand though i am not using it but heard quality very nice.

  • Shin May Reply

    I did enjoyed a lot in the party ^^ Nice to meet you ! I like your dress as well =)

  • Hanniz Reply

    Hahaha love the excitement in your writing. Makes the event even more exciting 🙂

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Great event, everyone look so pretty in pink color, lovely 🙂

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