7 Ways To Combat Monochrome Madness : Plusify Plus Size Fashion

7 Ways To Combat Monochrome Madness : Plusify Plus Size Fashion

Hey everyone, how is everyone doing? Staying strong in the fashion mad dash? I’m going to touch upon quite a common problem which plagues us plus size women. We tend to gravitate towards darker colours and black is usually our ultimate go-to colour. It is the easiest colour to mix, match and style. So ladies, the topic for today is about making the most of two colours in particular. Yes, black and white. No fifty shades of grey in sight. Back to basics. Pure black and pure white.

I have made my way around the world wide web and managed to hunt down a few tips on how to combat monochrome madness. Using black and white can be tricky and the misuse of it could end up major fashion faux pars.


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Below are 7 pretty awesome tips I’ve managed to put together:

Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

1) It’s all about the base (heels!)

Spice up your look with super chic black heels. It can do wonders to your outfit of the day! It automatically elevates ANY outfit, from casual to formal. Get creative. Try out kitten heels, high wedges or even oxford boots! Not only do you get a confidence boost but also some additional height to balance out body proportions and create a better silhouette. Win-win!



Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

2) Pucker and powder up

The use of black and white in your outfit can make you look slightly pale and dull. Brighten up your monochrome look with some fun use of makeup. Try using some lipstick, accentuate your eyebrows and add a little red to your cheeks to bring life to your monochrome look.



Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

3) Don’t shy away from the maxi dress!

You’d be surprised how going long can make a difference. Try a long dress or maxi dress to achieve a more classy and elegant feel.



Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

4) Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise.

Have fun and mix and match accessories with your monochrome look. Try play around with handbag and necklace combinations to achieve the look that you want.



Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

5) Get flashy!

Feeling a little too understated? Is your outfit more on the basic side?Use vibrant statement necklaces and other striking accessories to add a lil’ added va-va-voom to monochrome look.



Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips

6) No accessories?

No problem! Pick a monochrome outfit with sharper prints and bright, contrasting colours.

7) Going “grunge”?

No way, Jose! Your look would look way more presentable with clean, neat lines.


Hope everyone finds these tips useful =) It was fun to put together and in true Plusify Fashion, I made a fun YouTube video to make life a lil fun for everyone. Do have a look! Do share as well and don’t forget to LIKE and SUBSCRIBE.


Till my next blogpost.

Passionately Plus Sized, Cheryn Tan

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Monochrome : Plusify Plus Size Fashion Tips


  • Ivianathui Reply

    Cute post! you look amazinggg! Way to go gurl!!

  • Baz Reply

    Nice!! I’m actually a fan of monochrome closet too! All the clothes in my wardrobe are mostly dark colour >.<

  • Jane Reply

    I need to get some accessories to style with. Thanks for the useful tips.

  • Emily Reply

    Great tips there on matching and styling black + white. I always go for the easy way out but I’ve learnt something today.

  • Lily Reply

    i love your Tip 4 dresss!!!! didn’t see it at your store the other day… let me know if u still have that or in different color.. wanna buy!! hehe

    • Cheryn Tan Reply

      Oh, it was here, maybe you missed it. But it is only available in UK14-UK16 size only.

  • Tamanna Reply

    It always gets critical when it comes to shoe😬 Because I totally can’t wear heels, not even a inch.
    Please suggest something for the people like me😀

  • Shini Lola Reply

    Thanks for the fashion tips! You looks great here =D

  • Linda Yee Reply

    You look very pretty in these clothes. I can learn a lot from you.

  • Miera Nadhirah Reply

    I really admire your fashion sense and your willingness to explore and try out clothing…

  • Shirley Reply

    You look so confident! Good job babe! I mentally support you 🙂

  • Hui Ying Fong Reply

    wow….you always look pretty!!!Love your outfit!!!! Thanks for the tips!!!

  • Betty Reply

    I love to mix and match when dress up. It easy to restyle if we choose the right accessories , shoe or even bag.

  • Sharon Lee Reply

    Thanks for the tips =D Definitely need all these tips, so that when we wear monochrome it does not look boring and plain!

  • Sin Nee Reply

    Thanks for sharing Cheryn! Always love your style!

  • Kenneth Tan Reply

    Great tips there! U look confident and gorgeous! Certainly a role model for many:)

  • shin may Reply

    I like the style you present ! It did a great effect after you change it !

  • Rane Chin Reply

    Ah so nice! I love your tips hehe

  • Leona Reply

    i do love monochrome a lot though, it takes more effort to wear brighter colours.

  • mingan Reply

    I also want to create my own style and confidence like you!!

  • Ivy Kam Reply

    Great tips to make monochrome dressing more interesting, thanks for sharing 🙂

  • Adina Reply

    Great tips there! U look confident and gorgeous! Love it!

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